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Wazifa to Get Success in Exams

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

“Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem”

“In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful”

“SallALLAHU Ala Muhammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam”

Wazifa to Get Success in Exams

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Wazaif to Get Success in Exams


English Transliteration of Surah Anfal Ayat #62:

Wa iy yuridu_ ay yakhda’u_ka fa inna hasbakalla_h(u), huwal lazi ayyadaka bi nasrih i wa bi al mu’minin(a)

Wazifa #1

The Paper would become easy for you insha Allah

In Urdu:

Exam wagerah me kaamyabi ke liye, exam me paper easy hojayega insha Allah. Surah Anfal Ayat Number 62- Exam hall me jane se pahle 7 martaba padle.

In English:

To get success in exams, recite the following before entering examination hall, insha Allah your paper would become easy for you and you will get good grades.

Surah Anfal, Ayat #62- Recite 7 times before entering examination hall.


It is better to perform this with a fresh wudu to get favorable results.

Note: This doesn’t means that you quit studying/preparing for your subjects. You should keep studying/preparing for your exams, along with this you can recite this wazifa also. Just before the paper/exam. Insha Allah your studies will give you superb grades.

Offer Namaz before your namaz has been

Wazifa #2

In Urdu:

Isha ki namaz kay bad awwal o akhir Durud Sharif k sath 300 martaba “Al Malikul Quddoos” parh kar Allah se dil se dua karen. Ye amal Imtehan ka natija ane tak jari rakhana chahiye. Insha Allah bhot hi behtareen natija ayega.

In English:

After Isha prayers recite “Al Malikul Quddoos” 300 times with starting and in the end Durood Sharif. After this make a dua to Allah with a generous heart get success/good grades in your exams, Keep continue this wazifa until the day of result. Insha Allah you will get good grades/result.

Wazifa to Get Success in School Exams/Competitive Exams Etc.

Wazifa for success in


In English:

  1. When you will be handed over question paper in examination hall. Do not start writing. Just keep it on the table in reverse position, means front side of the paper facing towards the table,  back top.
  2. Then, recite Durood-e-pak (Durood-e-Ibraheemi AlaehisSalam) three (3) times.
  3. Then, recite eleven (11) times this Kalmaat: Subhaanaka La ‘Ilma Lanaa Illa Maa ‘Allamtana. Innaka Antal ‘Aleemul ‘Hakeem”.
  4. Then, recite eleven (11) times “Ya Fattaahu”.
  5. Then, recite seven (7) times “Wallaahul Musta’ ‘Aanu ‘Alaa Ma Taseefoon.”
  6. Then, recite again three (3) times Durood-e-pak (Durood-e-Ibraheemi Alaehis Salam).
  7. Then start solving/writing your exam paper.

Insha Allahul ‘Azeez, you will be helped from unseen forces (ghaib) .


Other Wazaif on yaALLAH


“Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem”

“SallALLAHU A’la Muh’mmad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam”

A Special Request

I request you to please pray for my Marhoom Nanajan “Fateh Muhammad” Saheb, May ALLAH Azzawajal forgive all his sins, fill his qabr with noor, grant him peace and Jannah. Ameen Ya Rabbul A’lameen

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I am providing numerous wazaif for various diseases which needs a lot of money and time to cure in today’s world. We can perform the relevant wazaif for ourself or for our loved ones to remove their diseases and problems through Quran.

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“Allah the Almighty will bestow Benefits & Rewards accordingly  on his servants whom recite surahs from the Holy Quran. This have been taken on the authority of the Holy Prophet , Imam Ali ibn abi talib, Imam Jafar al Sadiq and other Imams of the Ahl ul Bayt”.
The Holy Quran contains cure for all ailments, physical and spiritual.

“We sent down in the Quran that which is a cure and mercy for the faithful”. (17:82)

“Say: For those who have faith, it (Quran) is a guidance and healing; but as for those who are faithless, there is a deafness in their ears and it is lost to their sight”. (41:44)

The Holy Prophet (saww) has said,

“The healing of my Ummah lies in three things: A verse from the book of Allah, eating honey and Cupper lancet”. (Aamaali of Shaykh Sadooq)

A man came once complained about the pain in his chest. The Holy Prophet (saww) said, “Seek healing from the Quran for Allah says: ‘It is a healing for what is in the breasts’”. (‘Uddah al-Da’ee)

Talking about the greatness of Quran, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (as) said,

“Then Allah sent to him the Book as a light whose flames cannot be extinguished, a lamp whose gleam does not die, a sea whose depth cannot be sounded, a way whose direction does not mislead, a ray whose light does not darken, a separator (good from evil) whose arguments do not weaken, a clarifier whose foundations cannot be dismantled, a cure which leaves no apprehension for disease…Allah has made it a quencher of the thirst of the learned, a bloom for the hearts of religious jurists, a highway for the ways of the righteous, a cure after which there is no ailment…” (Nahjul-Balaghah)

In another sermon, Imam Ali (as) also said regarding Quran:

“Seek cure from it (Quran) for all your ailments and seek its assistance in your distresses. For verily it contains cure for the biggest diseases namely: unbelief, hypocrisy, revolt and misguidance”.

Please keep in mind whatever takes place in result of reciting a surah all depends on the will of Allah the Almighty – InshaAllah.

At Tur (52)

Write this surah on a plate & wash it off with water & sprinkle over the bite , it will inshall heal it.


Al Tahrim (66)

If this surah recited on a man who has been bitten by a scorpion, the poison will not be spreaded & will inshallah cure him fully.


Al Qalam (68)

Write this surah on a paper & put around a neck of a person suffering from toothache it would dissapear at once. Alo any injury to the teeth it will heal immediately.


Al Sajdah (32)

Write this surah on a paper & keep it with you, he will inshallah remain safe from pains in the join , fever & headache.


Al shu ara (26)

Who writes this surah and  washes off with water & the water is drunk it will inshallah cure any illness, & disease..

Ya sin (36)

Write this surah the  heart of the holy Quran and hange around your neck will be safe from every illness.


Aali Imran (3)

If this surah is wriiten on paper with saffron and hung around the neck of a woman whose pregnancy dosent last, she would inshallah by the command of Allah give birth to the child.

Also it helps if hanged around the neck of a woman who does not produce children, she will conceive and give birth.


Al Dhariyat (51)

Write this surah on a paper & put around the neck of a pregnant woman inshallah her delivery will be easy.


Al Haqqah (69)

If this surah is wriiten on a paper & put around a neck of a pregnant woman, her child will remain safe & sound in her womb.


Al Fatihah (1)

Recite this surah 7 times keeping the mouth near the forehead & put the right hand on the forehead of the sick person. This will InshaAllah cure him from any sickness.


Al Mujadilah (58)

Reciting this surah near a sick person will inshallah be cured from illness & would have a peaceful sleep


Ya sin  (36)

Write this surah the  heart of the holy Quran with saffron and rose water and drunk for 7 days his memory will improve and memorise whatever he listens.


Al Fat-h (48)

Write this surah on a plate & wash it off with zam zam water will have excellent retaining memory .


Al Hashr (59)

Write this surah on a plate & wash it off with clean water & drink it, you will inshallah have a good memory & I.Q


Al Haqqa (69)

If this surah is  written on a plate, washed with clean water & child drinks it, he will inshallah grow up into a very intelligent man with excellent memory & help in learning the Holy Quran by heart inshallah.


Al Muddaththir (74)

Whoso recite this surah regularly and at the end beesches Allah (SWT) to give him memory to learn the Quran by heart, Allah (SWT) will grant him the memory to memorise the Holy Quran before he dies.


Al Muntaqim (The Avenger)

One who recites this name frequently will be victorious against his enemies.

Visit the below link for More Wazifa for Enemies:



54. Al Qawiyy (The Most Strong)

One who recites this name with the intention of not being harmed, will be safe from his enemy.


Al Quddus (The Holy)

One who recites 100 times every day will be freed from a state of uneasiness, distress and, about future uncertainties.


41. Ya Hafiz (The Preserver)

One who recites this name 16 times each day will be protected against disasters & calamities.


42. Al Halim ( The Forbearing One)

One who recites this name on a piece of paper and put it where the seeds are sown, this will prevent from any disaster & calamity.


Al Fatihah (1)

Reciting this  surah will cure Inshallah any deadly disease


Al Mumin (40)

If this Surah is written & kept with you inshallah will be cured from anyone suffering from spots, swollen testicles, pimples & boils.


Al Munafiqun (63)

Reciting this surah regularly will inshaAllah cure boils


Al Mumin (40)

Writing this surah  on a plate &wash with clean water , then mix it with fine flour , then dry it like biscuit , then grind it and give to patient it will inshaAllah cure heart troubles .

Fussilat (41)

Write this Surah in a plate then wash it with clean water ,mix it with flower and make it balls, then dry them , grind them and give the powder to the patient to eat it . InshaAllah it will cure heart ailments.


Al Daher/Al Insan (76)

Who writes this surat on a plate, washes it off with clean water and drinks it, would get rid of heart ailments and make his body and mind strong.


Ibrahim (14)

Write this sura in a peace of white cloth & tie around the arm of a child, the child will not cry, weep & scream. He will not feel pain in teething & weaning.


Bani Israil (17)

A child that has pauses in his speech & not very clear, write  this surah & put it in a glass to be washed off & let the child drink it inshaAllah it will cure him.


Al Qasas (28)

Write this surah & wash it off with rain water & drink it . I t will inshaAllah cure stomach & liver pains.


Luqman (31)

Write this Surah & wash it off with clean water & drink it. It will InshaAllah cure you from suffering stomach ache & fever.


Al Dhariyat (51)

To cure stomach ache write this surah on a plate , wash it with clean water & drink it


Al Mursalat (77)

If this surah is wriiten on a plate and washed off with onion water and given to a person to drink the pain would inshaAllah go.


Al Ankabut (29)

Write this surah & wash it off with water & drink it . It will inshaAllah cure malaria, cold & heaviness of chest. It will help you to have a goodnite sleep if you recite it in bed.


Al Mumin (40)

Reciting this surah every night will give purification of the heart & sins will be forgive


Taha (20)

Writing this surah on a green silk cloth & wears it around his neck before going to any interview he will inshaAllah be successful specifically in marriage, the results will be in your favour.


Al Ahzab (33)

Writing this surah on a deerskin & keep it in a casket in the house, inshaAllah ther will be many married proposals for your daughters, sister & other girls in the house.


Aal ‘e Imran (3)

If this surah is wriiten on paper with saffron & hung around a tree that do not produce fruits, by the command of Allah, it would produce fruit.


Hijr (15)

To prosper in Business, write this surah on paper & tie on your hand or keep it in your pocket, you will always gain & profit in business deals.


Al Mumin (40)

Write this surah and keep where you work (business) inshaAllah the sales will increase .


Al Dukhan (44)

Writing this surah on a paper and kept in a trading premises Allah (SWT) will increase his sales & profit


Al Naziat (79)

Reciter of thsi surah will help him be safe from  person whom he has fear from in his business. It would dissapear and will remain fully safe. It will also encounter his enemies, they would run away without inflicting any harm on him.


Al Qalam (68)

Reciting this surah regularly and  in his obligatory salat Allah (SWT) will never allow poverti afflict him & will have no problems in his sustenance inshaAllah.


Al Zumar (39)

Reciting this surah Allah (SWT) will bestow on you honour & prestige in this world . Its recommended also to keep it with you.


Al Akhaf (46)

Write this surah in a plate & wash it with zam zam water & drink it , you will be loved , popular & listened to you by people.


Al Najm (53)

Reciting this surah regularly will inshallah be loved & respected by others


Al Qamar (54)

Write this surah on a paper on friday & wear it around your neck will will be inshaAllah very popular among people & would command respect & love


Yusuf (12)

If you write this surah & drink its water you will have good luck & sustenance.


Al Rahman (55)

Write this surah & hang around neck it will inshaAllah get you great rewards & make your work easy.


Al Muddaththir (74)

Reciter of this surat regularly will have no bad luck in life inshaAllah.


Al An- Am (6)

To seek fulfillment of desires pray 4 rakat , in set of 2 rakats, starting with surat Al Fatihah & Al An-Am in each rakat, after the recitation of Al An-Am say this dua:

O Munificent O Munificent O Munificent

{Ya Karim Ya karim Ya karim}

Great, O Great , O Great; O Hearer of Prayer

{Ya Azim Ya Azim Ya Azim  Ya Azam min kulli Azim Ya Sami Al Dua}

O He whom the alternations of days & nights do not effect Him

{Ya man la tughayyirutul ayamu wal layli}

Send blessings on Mohammed and his Children & have Mercy

{Salli ala Muhammed wa alli Mohammed  }

and have mecrcy on my weakness, Poverty, destitution, & helplessness

{Wa arham dafi wa faqri wa faqati wa maskanati }

because You alone knows more than me about these things & about my needs

{Fa Innaka Alamu Biha minni Wa Anta Alamu hajati}

O He who he had Mercy on Yaqub & brought back his son  Yusuf to him

{Ya Man Rahima Yaqub wa radda alayhi Yusuf quratta aynihi}

O He who had Mercy on Ayub when misfortunes & calamities surrounded him from all sides

{Ya Man Rahima Ayyuba badda hululi balaihi }

O He who had Mercy on Mohammed peace be on him, & looked after him against the evil unjust of Quraysh

{Ya Man Rahima Muhammed Alayhi Wa Alihi Saalmu Wa minal yatama awahu Wa nassarahu ala jababirata Quaraish wa tawaghitaha wa amanahu minhum}

O Helper, O Helper, O Helper

{Ya Mughithu Ya Mugithu Ya Mughithu }

Now Beseech Allah for your desires to fulfil your Needs.


Al Waqiah (56)

Reciting this surah regularly inhsaAllah his fulfilments will be achieved like : plenty of sustenance, good oppprtunity of wealth& be loved by people  . Poverty will dissapear.


Al Hashr (59)

Whoso prays 4 rakat & recites this surat in every rakat after reciting surat Al Fatiha would inshaAllah achieve success in all his desired fulfillments activity that he undertakes.


Nuh (71)

Whoso recites this surah and beseeches Allah (SWT) for fulfillments, wishes and desires Allah (SWT) would give him what he want without delay


Al Tahrim (66)

Whoso recites this surah regularly will help inshaAllah pay all his debts.


Al Muzzammil (73)

A regularly reciter of this surah will inshaAllah remove poverty.


Yunus (10)

If there has been a misunderstanding in your family & you want to know who is at fault, writing this surah together with all the names of your family members, the problem will be solved.


Al Qasas (28)

Write this surah & wash it off with water & drink it . It will inshaAllah remove sorrows, worries, grief & doubts


Al Hadid (57)

If a person recites this surah regularly in his obligatory prayers neither he or his family will face any trouble or worries inshaAllah


Al Jumuah (62)

Reciting this surah every night will get rid of worries inshallah.


Al Jinn (72)

If a man in trouble recites this surah his worries and troubles will dissapear inshaAllah.


At Tur (52)

Reciting this surah regularly will let free a prisoner


Al Hadid (57)

Whoso recites this surah will inshaAllah be freed from prison


Al Ma-arij (70)

Whoso recite this surah Allah (swt) will arrange his release & would safely inshaAllah go back to his family.


Al Jinn(72)

A prisoner who recites this surah will be freed from prison.


Al Rad (13)

If this surah is written on a paper after praying salat tahajjud & hang it on the door of a ruler who uses power unjustly, he would die soon.


Al Anfal (8)

Writing this surah and hanging it around your neck, you will get your rights from the man in authority & you will have upper hand against him when you quarrel with him & come out fully satisfied.


Ya seen (36)

Write this surah the heart of the holy Quran with saffron and rose water and drunk for 7 days you will have an upper hand over whomsoever he debates.


Al Mursalat (77)

Whoso recites this Surah in a time of quarrel or conflict with his opponent he would have an upper hand against his enemy; also a man in authority or a judge would also help him against his enemy.


Tawbah (9)

Writing this surah on a paper & keep it in his body he would be safe from thieves & fire.


Al Mujadilah (58)

Reciter of this surat regularly will be safe from theft


Al Rahman  (55)

If this surah is hanged in the house it will remain safe from all insects


Al Jathiyah (45)

Writing this surah on a paper & keeping it with you will inshaAllah be safe from backbiters.


Al Dukhan (44)

Writing  this surah on a paper & worn around the neck will remain safe from mischief of men in authority


Al Jumuah (62)

Reciter of this surah  at daybreak & sunset every friday  will be safe from the mischief of shaytan.


Al Taghabun (64)

Whoso recites this surah & goes to meet man in authority against him  , inshaAllah he will be safe from his evil & mischief.


Al Shura (42)

Write this surah on a plate and wash it off with clean water . Whoever drinks it will have a peaceful & safe journey (travelling).


Al Saff (61)

Recite this surah during a journey & inshallah will remain safe from thieves & problems until he returns  safely to his house.


Al Naba (78)

Reciting this surah while travelling will have a safe journey.


Abasa (80)

To have a safe and protected jpurney recite this surah at the beginning of the journey.


48. Al Haqq (The Truth)

One who recites this name will get his lost things.


49. Al Mu’id (The Restorer)

Recitation of this name 70 times will be helpful in safe return of the missing person.


50. Al Jami’ (The Gatherer)

One who recites this name will find lost things.


alimran twitter yaALLAH

End of Part

Dua’a to combat Black Magic

The Holy Prophet said : To keep the devils at bay and to destroy the effects of magic recite verses 54 to 56 of Al Araf.



[Verily your Lord is Allah who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then established Himself on the throne. He draws the night as a veil over the day, which pursues it incessantly; and made the sun and the moon and the stars subservient to His command. Verily, His is the creation and the command. Blessed be Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Call on your Lord humbly and in secret. Verily Allah does not love the transgressors. And do not make mischief in the earth after it has been reformed; and call on Him fearing (His wrath) and longing (his mercy). Verily the mercy of Allah is near to those who do good].

End of Part

Recite verse 35 of al Qasas 7 times after the salat of tahajjud to destroy the effects of witchcraft


[(Allah) said : “We will strengthen your arm with your brother and we will give you such authority that they will not be able to touch and of you. With our signs, both of you and your followers shall certainly triumph”]

End of Part

To render null and void the intensity and evil effects of any kind of witchcraft and evil eye recite 121 times the last part of verse 87 of al Anbiya, after Fajr salat for 40 days.


End of Part

To over come any apparently impossible to manage difficulty recite the above noted verse as directed in (i) and also 730 times after praying a 2 rak-at salat after midnight with the following acts of self-discipline.

a. Do not eat animal meat
b. Eat any halaal (lawful) food purchased by halal (lawfully earned) money
c. Give alms to the poor.

End of Part


Whosoever recites the following prayer after every obligatory salat, or keeps its written text on the body, inshaAllah, he, his family and property will remain safe under the divine protection.


[I put myself, my children, my family, my property under (Allah’s protection ) in the name of Allah’s perfected words, from all devils, poisonous animals, and from every evil eye.]


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Facing hardships? Make a Dua!

“Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem”

“SallALLAHU Ala Muh’ammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wa Wasallam”

Congratulation and Mubarak to all my brothers, sisters and Buzurg!!

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Dua for Entering the House

Dua- A weapon of the Believer!

crying and making dua/

Dua and Wazaif presented by:

Dr. Zumera

Proud Member of

Dil aur chehre ko noorani banane ka mujrib amal

Surah Noor Ayat number 35- rozana ek martaba padkar khud par dum kare!

Dua Closed

Ulfat wa Muhabbat paida karne ka behtareen amal. Agar apke ghar me na-ittefaaqi ho, to ittefaaq paide karne ke liye ya kisi ke dil me muhabbat paida karne ke liye!

Surah Anfal Ayat number 63- 11 martaba rozana pade

Dua Closed

Exam wagerah me kaamyabi ke liye, exam me paper easy hojaye!

Surah Anfal Ayat number 62- Exam hall me jane se pahle 7 martaba padle

Dua Closed

Kund Zahen ka Ruhani Ilaj, jiska zahen kamzor ho!

Surah Nisa Ayat number 113- 121 martaba padkar pani pe dum karke roz pilaye, Insha Allah bhot jald shifa miliegi.

Dua Closed

Har jayez murad puri hone ke liye mujrib amal!

Surah Anfal Ayat number 9- 14 martaba 11 roz tak pade Insha Allah puri hogi.

Dua Closed

Ibaadat me dil lagane ke liye!

“Ya Allah Ya Ghaffar Ya Qadar”- 121 martaba rozana sone se pahle

Dua Closed

Duniya or Akhirat ki Nemato ko hasil karne ka shandar Nusqah!

Surah Muhammad Ayat number 15- is Ayat ko subah o sham 3 martaba pade. Insha Allah duniya or deen ki Nemato se nawaza jayega.

Dua Closed

Aafat or musibat se aman pane ke liye!

“Yaa Arrhamarraahemeen!”- kasrat se wird kare.

Dua Closed

Har mushkil ki asani ke liye mujrib amal, har jaayaz murad ke liye!

Surah Room Ayat number 4 and 5- In ayat ko 113 martaba pade.

Dua Closed

Ghaflat door karne ka behtareen amal, Deen se ghafil or sidhe raste se bhatakte hue ya buri aadato ko chhurvane ke liye!

Surah Baqrah Ayat number 5- 101 martaba paani par dum kare or 41 din tak pite rahe.

Dua Closed

Nind na aane ya kam aane ki shikayat ho to!

Innallaahi Wa Malaaikati Yusallioona Alannabi Yaa Ya Ayyuhallazeena Amanussallalaahu Alayhe Wa Sallimu Tasleema


اللَّهُمَّ غَارَتِ النُّجُومُ وَهَدَأَتِ الْعُيُونُ وَأَنْتَ حَيٌّ قَيُّومٌ * لَا تَأْخُذُكَ سِنَةٌ وَلَا نَوْمٌ يَا حَيُّ يَا قَيُّومُ أَهْدِئْ لَيْلِي وَأَنِمْ عَيْنِي

“O Allah the stars have gone far away and the eyes are rested. You are Alive and Infinite, You do not slumber nor does sleep overtake You. Oh Alive and the Everlasting One, grant me rest tonight and let my eyes sleep (close).

(Hisnul Hasin)

crying eye

Ask what you want with the crying eyes!

Your one tear can bring a lot to you!

ALLAH Azzawajal loves you more than anyone!

tears and dua

Please make dua for the one whom you know and also for the one whom you do not know!

Ya ALLAH please listen to my prayers in the Sadaqah of Rasool-e-pak (Peace be upon Him)

Jaza KALLAH Khair!

Cure from Black Magic, Evils and Jinn

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

“Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem”

“With The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful”

“SallALLAHU Alayhi Wa Alayhi Wasallam”

“ Dua and Wazaif”

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. May complete Peace, Blessings and Mercy of Allah be upon the Last Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) forever. We are sharing our own personal wazifa / zikar / tasbih for the purpose of benefit for our community, which we have derived from several hadith and verses of Quran:

Wazaif for Love Marriages- Click here

Wazifa for Acceptance of Marriage Proposal- Click here

This is a humble request to you follow It is an act of savaab for you.

For Treatment of Kidney and Other Jismani/Bodily Disease Please click on Below Link:

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La ilaaha illallaahu, Subhanallaahil Azeemi Wa Bi-ham-dehe ‘Ada-da Khal-Qehe, Astagfirullaaha Wa A-tubu e-laih

[There is no God worthy of worship except Allah, Glory be to Allah Who is free from any faults, The Supreme, and all Praise be to Him, as many times as the number of His creation, I seek Allah’s forgiveness and I turn to Him in repentance]

Inshaallah the person who consistently recites this wazifa daily will receive numerous blessings, some of them are:

1. It contains the words dearest to Allah, therefore, the person reciting it will, Inshaallah, attract Allah’s pleasure, love, mercy, blessings and kindness and will be protected from His anger and wrath.

2. Insha Allah, his wealth and subsistence will increase and he/she will be protected from poverty.

3. Insha Allah, he will achieve great success, victory, respect and dignity in both the worlds.

4. Insha Allah, all his problems will be solved and difficulties/hardships will be removed.

5. Insha Allah, these words will be the best form of charity for the reciter.

6. Insha Allah, he will be bestowed with great wealth and children.

7. Insha Allah, his sins will be forgiven and his sins will be wiped-out like the leaves shed from trees.

8. Insha Allah, several trees will be planted for the reciter in paradise.

9. Insha Allah, he will receive infinite virtues for every recitation.

10. Insha Allah, his duas will be accepted.

11. Alhamdulillaah, it contains words that are recited by Angels day and night.

12. Alhamdulillaah, it contains words that are described as everlasting deeds in hadith.

13. Alhamdulillaah, it contains words that are described as treasure from paradise.

14. Alhamdulillaah, it contains words that are described as shields of protection from hell fire in hadith.

15. Alhamdulillaah, it contains words that will weigh heavy on the scale of deeds in the hereafter.

16. And several other blessings and benefits that are known only to Allah Himself.

Method of Recitation

We highly recommend our readers to make this wazifa as their personal zikar and recite it abundantly day and night as much as possible. If one is reciting this wazifa for some specific purpose, it’s recommended to follow this procedure:

Step 1: Recite the Shahada in your mother tongue – I testify that there is no God worthy of worship but Allah and I testify that Muhammed SAW is his Messenger- 3x. This doesn’t have to be recited every time, it should be done only before beginning the amal for some specific purpose.


~Step 2: Make an Intention/ Dua:


O Allah, Its You alone do I worship and You alone do I call for Help. O Allah, I’am requesting you for help using the wazifa “La ilaaha illallaahu, Subhanallaahil Azeemi Wa Bi-ham-dehe ‘Ada-da Khal-Qehe, Astagfirullaaha Wa A-tubu e-laih”, O Allah by the virtues and blessings contained in it please fulfill my need……… . O Allah please accept my amal/dua by Your immense Mercy and make be independent of all except You. ’A-Ghis-ni, ‘A-Ghis-ni, ‘A-Ghis-ni Bi Rahmatika Ya Arhamar Rahemeen.’Ameen. Ya Rabbil ‘A-Lameen!  three (3) times

This again doesn’t have to be recited every time, it should be done only before beginning the amal for some specific purpose.

Step 3: Recite this wazifa-

La ilaaha illallaahu, Subhanallaahil Azeemi Wa Bi-ham-dehe ‘Ada-da Khal-Qehe, Astagfirullaaha Wa A-tubu e-laih

Abundantly without any limits day and night while walking, resting, at work, cooking, free time, travelling ..etc.

Step 4: Every night before going to bed-

(a)Recite the Shahada

(b) Recite this dua-


(c) Recite any darood 3 times

(d) Blow 3 times over youself.

Step 5: Continue to practice step (3) and (4) daily till the need is fulfilled.

Explanation of Subhanallaahil Azeemi Wa Bi-ham-dehe ‘Ada-da Khal-Qehe, Astagfirullaaha Wa A-tubu e-laih

This wazifa / tasbih includes two important and essential acts prescribed in Islam

1. Glorification and Praises of Allah in “Subhanallahil Azeemi Wa Bi-ham-dehe ‘Ada-da Khal-Qehe”: To understand the hidden meaning in these words this wazifa can be classified into three words (a)“Subhanallahi Wa Bi-ham-dehe”, (b)Allah’s name “Ya Azeemu” (c)and using the words “Ada-da Khal-Qehe”

a. Benefits of “Subhanallaahi Wa Bi-ham-dehe”: This contains two words “Subhanallaah(Glory be to Allah Who is above all faults)” and “Alhamdulillaah(All Praise b to Allah)”, therefore, all the blessings and virtues contained in the hadith related to the recitation of “Subhanallaah” and “Alhamdulillaah” will be applicable on reciting “Subhanallahi Wa Bi-ham-dehe”. We are highlighting few ahadith regarding the virtues of these phrases:

1. Abu Hurayra[RA] reported that the Prophet[SA] said: “There are two phrases that are light on the tongue but heavy on the scale of rewards and are dear to the Gracious One. These are: “Subhanallahil Azeemi Wa Bi-ham-dehe” [Bukhari]

2. Jabir RA narrates that Prophet SAW said: He who recites- Subhanallahil Azeemi Wa Bi-ham-dehe, as date tree is planted for him in paradise. [Tirmidhi]

3. Hazrat Jabir[RA] reported that Prophet[SA] said, “…the best dua is Al-hamdu lillah” [Al-Nasa’i, Ibn Majah, Hakim and Tirmidhi]

4. Abdullah ibn `Umar[RA] narrated that Prophet[SA] said: “Saying ‘Subhan Allah’ is half the balance and saying ‘al-hamdu lillah’ fills it, and there is no veil between ‘La ilaha illallah’ and Allah Himself [it is not even weighed in the Balance], it reaches Him directly.”[Tirmidhi]

5. Prophet[SA] said: “The dearest phrases to Allah are four: Subhan Allah, Wa al-hamdu lillah, Wa la ilaha illallah, Wallahu akbar. It doesn’t matter whichever of them you say first”. [Muslim, Nasa’i]

6. Abd Allah ibn Mas’ud RA reported that the Prophet SAW said: “During the Night Journey I met Ibrahim (alayhis salam) who said to me: ‘O Muhammad, convey my greetings to your Community, and tell them that the Paradise is of pure land, its water is sweet, and its expanse is vast, spacious and even. And its seedlings are SubhanAllah, walhamdulilah, wa la ilaha ilAllah, waAllahu Akbar (the above). [Tirmidhi and Tabarani whose version adds: “There is no power nor strength save through Allah”]

7. Hazrat Umaama[RA] narrates that Prophet[SA] said: “One who is unable to pray during the night or is too miser to spend money or is too coward to take part in Jihad, should recite “SubhanAllahi Wa Bihamdihi” excessively, because this action is more valuable to Allah then spending in his path, a mountain load of gold”. [Tabarani]

8. Prophet [SA] said “Whoever says: ‘Subhan Allahi wa bi hamdihi’ a hundred times during a day, will have all his sins wiped off even if they were as numerous as the foam, on the surface of the sea.” [Muslim, Tirmidhi, and Nasa’i]

9. Abu Darda RA narrates that Prophet SAW said: Say SubhanAllah, Alhamdulilah, La ilaha ilAllah, Allahu Akbar and Wala hawla wala quwwata illa billaah, these are form the everlasting good deeds, which remove sins like the leaves shed from the trees and these are from the treasures of paradise.[Tabarani]

10. Abu Hurairah RA narrates that Prophet SAW came to us and said: Take your shields! Sahabah said: O Rasululaah! Has any of the enemy come? He said: Take your shields as a protection from the Hell-Fire! Say, SubhanAllah, Alhamdulilah, La ilaha ilAllah, Allahu Akbar and Wala hawla wala quwwata illa billaah, these words will come from the front, back, right and left and these are those good deeds for which the reward will be given eternally. [Tabarani]

11. Abu Dharr RA reported that Prophet SAW said : Shall I tell you the expression that is most loved by Allah? It is Subhan Allahi wa bi hamdihi. [Muslim]

12. Whoever says:SUBHAN-ALLAHI WA BI HAMDIHI at morning and evening time, one hundred times, none shall come on the Day of Resurrection with anything better except someone who has said the same or more.” [Muslim]

13. Whoever recites- SubhanAllah one Hundred times, a thousand good deeds are recorded for him or a thousand bad deeds are wiped away. [Muslim]

14. Àbdullāh Ibn Úmar RA says that Rasūlullāh SAW said that when the time for the demise of Nūh u approached, he advised his son to recite two sentences. One was- La ilaha ilAllah, while the second was- Subhan Allahi wa bi hamdihi, these two statements constitute the salāh of everything and everything is given sustenance because of them. (Adabul Mufrad)

15. Jābir Ibn Àbdullāh RA says that Rasūlullāh SAW said, “I am showing the thing which Nūh AS advised his son with. It is the statement- Subhan Allahi wa bi hamdihi ,the entire creation reads this sentence and receives sustenance due to it.” (al-Mustaghfirī)

17. Àbdullāh Ibn Úmar RA says that a person complained about his poverty to Rasūlullāh SAW. Rasūlullāh SAW asked him why he did not recite the words of the angels and the hymns of the creation. They are- SUB-HAA-NAL-LAAHI WA BIHAMDIHI, SUB-HAA-NAL-LAAHIL AZEEME ASTAGFIRULLAAH, read this phrase a hundred times before the Fajr Salāh after the time of Fajr has entered and the world will come submissive to you.” (al-Mustaghfirī)

Note: To learn more about the virtues and benefits of this words please refer to “Muntakhab Ahadith compiled by Maulvi Muhammad Yousuf kandhlavi RA”

b. Benefits of reciting Allah’s name Ya Azeemu [The Supreme Glory, The Mighty Splendor, The Most Grand, The Greatest]: This is one of the blessed names of Allah that appears in the last part of the greatest verse of the Holy Quran i.e Ayatul Kursi, some scholars have mentioned that there is a possibility that last part of Ayatul Kursi contains the greatest name of Allah i.e Isme Azaam. The author of “Ruhul maaani” explaining the meaning of this name in the last part of Ayatul Kursi in his tafseer of Quran and he writes that the verse includes many of Allah’s attributes like he is Self Subsisting, Maintainer of others, free of all defects and shares no grounds of similarity with any being, He controls every thing, creating every original and duplicate, He is the Most Powerful to address matters, Who knows every apparent and hidden phenomenon, nothing can overwhelm Him, He is free of anything not befitting His position and no mind can possibly perceive his attributes in totality. According to Tafsir of Ibn Kathir RA the word Al-Azeem has two meanings (1) It means perfection and greatness belong to Allaah subhaanahu wa ta`aalaa and none else and His knowledge is perfect and all encompassing, his power is perfect and all encompassing, nothing weakens Him and His wisdom is perfect. (2)The second meaning is that nobody should be therefore glorified or worshipped except for Allaah and that any praise you give to the creation is because Allaah has given that quality to the object praised. So praise is again really due to Allaah.

There are several benefits that have been reported in books of spiritual healing that abundant recitation of this holy names blesses the person with wealth, drives out poverty, the reciter receives power, wisdom, respect, status..etc

c. Benefits of using “Ada-da Khal-Qehe”: Our Prophet SAW has taught us a secret way of multiplying the virtues by post-fixing words like “Ada-da Khal-Qehe” to certain words used to praise and glorify Allah. For the purpose of reference we only present about three hadith, however, if a person is interested to learn more ahadith about the virtues of using “Adada..”, he should refer to Muntakhab Ahadith compiled by Maulvi Muhammad Yousuf kandhlavi RA.

1. Juwairiyah bint Al-harith[R.A], the blessed wife of Prophet[SA] said: The Prophet[SA] came out from my apartment in the morning as I was busy in performing the dawn prayer. He came back in the forenoon and found me sitting there. The Prophet[SA] said, “Are you still in the same position as I left you”. I replied, affirmative. Thereupon Prophet[SA] said, “I recited four words three times after I had left you. If these are to be weighted against all you have recited since morning, these will be heavier. These are:

Sub-haa-nal-laahi Wa Bi-ham-dihi ‘Ada-da Khal-Qihi, Wa Riza Naf-sihi, Wa Zinatah ‘Ar-shi-hi, Wa Mida’-da Kali-ma-tihi [Allah is free from imperfection and I begin with His praise, as many times as the number of His creation, in accordance with His Good Pleasure, equal to the weight of His throne and equal to the ink that may be used in recording the words[for His Praise]” [Muslim]

2. Safiyya bint Huyayy[RA], the blessed wife of Prophet[SA] said: The Prophet came in to see me and in front of me there were four thousand date-stones with which I was making tasbih [counting ‘Subhan Allah’]. He said: “You make tasbih with so many! Shall I teach you what surpasses your number of tasbih?” She said: “Teach me!” He said: Say:

Sub-haa-nal-laahi `Adada Khal-Qihi [Tirmidhi and Al-Hakim]

3. Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas reported that once the Prophet SAW, saw a woman who had some date-stones or pebbles which she was using as beads to glorify Allah. The Prophet said to her, “Let me tell you something which would be easier or more excellent for you than that.” So he told her to say instead:

alimran twitter yaALLAH

Subhan allahi `adada ma khalaqa fi s-sama’,

Subhan allahi `adada ma khalaqa fi al-ard,

Subhan allahi `adada ma khalaqa bayna dhalik,

Subhan allahi `adada ma huwa khaliq,

Allahu akbaru ‘adada ma khalaqa fi al-sama’,

Allahu akbaru ‘adada ma khalaqa fi l-’ard,

Allahu akbaru ‘adada ma khalaqa bayna dhalik,

Allahu akbaru ‘adada ma huwa khaliq,

Al-hamdu lillahi `adada ma khalaqa fi al-sama’,

Al-hamdu lillahi `adada ma khalaqa fi l-’ard,

Al-hamdu lillahi `adada ma khalaqa bayna dhalik,

Al-hamdu lillahi `adada ma huwa khaliq,

La ilaha illallahu `adada ma khalaqa fi al-sama’,

La ilaha illallahu `adada ma khalaqa fi al-ard,

La ilaha illallahu `adada ma khalaqa bayna dhalik,

La ilaha illallahu `adada ma huwa khaliq,

La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahi `adada ma khalaqa fi al-sama’,

La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahi `adada ma khalaqa fi al-ard,

La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahi `adada ma khalaqa bayna dhalik,

La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahi `adada ma huwa khaliq.

“Glory be to Allah as many times as the number of what He has created in Heaven,

Glory be to Allah as many times as the number of what He has created on Earth,

Glory be to Allah as many times as the number of what He has created between them,

Glory be to Allah as many times as the number of that which He is creating.”

and then repeat all of the above four times but substituting “Glory be to Allah” by:

- “Allah is the most great” in the first repetition,

- “Praise be to Allah” in the second repetition,

- “There is no god but Allah” in the third repetition, and

- “There is no change and no power except with Allah” in the fourth repetition. (Narrated by Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi who said it is hasan, Ibn Majah, Ibn Hibban in his Sahih, al-Nasa’i, and al-Hakim, who said it is sahih according to the criterion of Muslim)

2. Seeking Forgiveness in – Astagfirullaaha Rabbi Min Kulli Zambinwa Wa A-tubu Ilayhi (I seek Allah’s forgiveness and I turn to Him in repentance): This form of forgiveness in mentioned in the holy Quran in verse of Surah Araf 7:143 “Glory be to Thee! I turn unto Thee for repentance, and I am the first to believe.” And is also mentioned in the hadith narrated by Ibn Masud[RA] that Prophet(SA) said, “He who says: I seek the forgiveness of Allah, there is no true God except Allah, the Ever Living, the Self-Subsisting, and I turn to Him in repentance, His sins will be forgiven even if he should have run away from the battlefield [during Jihad]”. [Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Hakim] Read the rest of this entry


Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

Bismillaah hirRahman nirRaheem

“SallALLAHU Ala Muhammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wa Alehi Wa Sallam”

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 Prophet (SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam)’s  Prayers

Intention of having relation with wife


 بِسْمِ اللَّهِّ اللَّهُمَّ جَنِّبْنَا الشَّيْطَانَ وَجَنِّبِ الشَّيْطَانَ مَا رَزَقْتَنَا

 “I am having relations in the name of Allah. O Allah save us from Satan and keep him away from the children You grant us”. The child that is born after the recitation of this dua will never be harmed by Satan. (Bukhari, Muslim)

Note: This dua must be read for if Allah’s name is not taken, the Satan’s sperm enters with the man’s (As in marginal notes of Hisnul Hasin)

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