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Different Istekhara


Bismillaah Hirrahmaan Nirraheem

In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Sallallaaahu Ala Muhammad Sallallaahu Alayhe Wa Alehi Wasallam

Fisabilillah. O you who have believed, if you support Allah , He will support you and plant firmly your feet- 47:7 Sūrah Muḥammad

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Different Types of Istikhara



Pray 2 rakats of nawafil namaz, in each rakat after surah Fateha- recite 303 times Surah Ikhlas. After praying face South and keep reciting until one goes to sleep. Inshallah, one will receive the answer in dreams.
Keep reciting until goes to sleep: AL NOORO, ALZAHIRO, AL BASITO.



On THURSDAY, Take fresh bath, wear clean “Paak” clothes and use some attar (NON- ALCHOHOL Perfume) on your clothes, keeping fast in the day will be the best.
At first recite 15 times Durood- Shareef and pledge the sawaab on the Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al Jeelani Rehmatullahi Alaihe and then recite:




Take fresh bath, use clean “paak” cloths use some good aroma. At first recite Durood Shareef 11 times and then recite this Dua 1100 times and then go to sleep.




This Istekhara is for things which are going to happen in a few days time to that person which are told in a dream recite 7 times. In the morning and evening after reciting for a few days one will start to see things which are going to happen in dreams Inshallah.


If someone wants to recite for a special reason for himself or someone else to find out something then one must recite for 1021 times and go to sleep where one has recited the Dua. If done on an empty stomach is more beneficial. Have the intention in heart for whatever reason you are reciting it for in all Istekhara.



Recite this Isma-e-hasna at least 10001 times or unlimited in numbers. Keep your clean (paak) apply some attar on your clothes. Offer Namaz timely along with jamaat. Keep your intention in your heart. Keep reciting until one goes to sleep.

Nadir Istikhara
Apni zindagi aur halat e zindagi k bare me istikhare keliye aik amal apki nazar kar raha ho0n jo apko na kisi kitab me milega aur na koi aamil apko ye raaz bataye ga! Agar bataye ga to uski dukan kese chale gi kher aap ko iski mukamal ijazat hai apne liye istemal karne ki lakin yaad rakhiye iski madad se koi najaiz cheez ka istikhara na kijiye ga warna aap khud zimedar hongay! Aik white without lining wala paper lijiye usper blue ink se ye ayat kho0bsurak kar k likhye

 فكشفنا عنك غطائك فبصرك اليوم حديد

phir is paper ko fold kar k takiye k neeche rakh lijiye aur aap ayat ul kursi 3 dafa parh kar sojain. Inshallah apni zindagi k mukhtalif pehlo me apko khabr di jaye gi isse faida uthana apka kaam hai!

NOTE: Shak na karain shak hamesha apke amal ko nakamyab kare ga! Pakezgi shart hai! Bistar pe akele sona parega! Most importantly aik pen aur paper apne sirhane rakh kar soyega so that jese he ankh khulay jo khuwab me dikhain aur likh lain kiyun k aap khuwab bhool jayengay.

Tried and Tested Marriage Istikhara

Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem_yaALLAH.in

[Glory be to Allah and His is the praise, (and) Allah, the Greatest is free from imperfection)’.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

“SallALLAHU ‘Ala Muhammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wa Alehi Wasallam”

As-salamu-alaykum Brothers, Sisters and all Buzurg!

I have been observing muslim youngsters recently, seems they are too confused about their marriage (nikah). Besides, they fell in love with someone, then they struggle. Even they could not be able to share these issue with their family members. I am receiving these kinds of emails to make an Istekhara for their marriage problems. I request you all not to commit this sin. Allah Azzawajal, The Knower of all hidden secrets has far better options than what we cannot think for ourselves. Might be we are wrong and incapable of deciding best for ourselves but Allaah Azzawajal can, doubtless.

To seek Allah Azzawajal’s guidance in this. I am sharing a very lovely 7-days Istekhara process. Perform this on your own, and see the results. Insha Allaah Azzawajal you will get to know in your dreams the best for you.

Request- Please do not forget to make a dua for seeking forgiveness for my marhoom nana “Fateh Muhammad Saheb”.May Allah Azzawajal forgive all his sins, fill his grave (qabr) with noor, remove all the Azaab from his qabr. May Allah Azzawajal grant him Jannah, Ameen Ya Rabbul Alameen.


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