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Wazaif for Difficulties, Punctuality of Salaat & Success in Business

Wazaif for Difficulties:

Dunya ki Afto se Aman

In Urdu

Jo saksh surah Kafiroon “Kul Ya Ayyuhal Kafiroon” suraj nikalne ke waqt padhega Allah use duniya ki har musibat se bachaega. InshaAllah.

In English:

If anyone recites “Surah Kafiroon” during sunrise inshaAllah he will be saved from all calamities and difficulties of the world.

Wazifa for Punctuality of Salaat:

In Urdu:

Namaz/Salaat se muhabbat  pachon waqt ki namaz/Salaat ke baad 21 martaba “Ya- Rahmano Ya Raheem” padhne se dil me namaz/Salaat ke liye muhabbat paida hogi aur namaz/Salaat ki pabandi hogi.

In English:

To create love and punctuality of Salaat/obligatory prayers recite 21 times “Ya Rahmano Ya Raheem”. InshaAllah you will be regular in your obligatory prayers/namaz.

Wazifa for Success in Business

In Urdu:

  1. Kis karobar me rozi mile- shabe-e-Jum’a (yani jumerat aur jum’e ke bich ki raat) raat ko 12 baje ke baad taza wudu kare aur 2 rakat salat-ul-tauba ki padhe aur gunaho ki mafi mange.
  2. Fir 100 baar astagfar, 100 baar durood sharif, 100 baar Surah Talaak ki satvi (7) Ayat, fir 100 baar durood sharif padh kar dua mange.
  3. Insha Allah Khwab me pata chalega ki kon sa karobar ya naukri karna aapke liye faide mand hai.

In English:

If want to get success in any of your business or in your livelihood.

Perform the following wazifa:

  1. In the night of Juma’/ Friday means a night before the day of Juma/Friday, which is on the day of Thursday, after 12am make a fresh wudu and then offer 2 rakah of Salat-ul-tauba, prayer to forgive your sins and then pray to forgive your all sins.
  2. Read 100 times “Astaghfar”, then 100 times Durood Sharif, 100 times seventh verse (ayat) of Surah Talak and then again 100 times Durood Sharif, then pray with all the generous heart.
  3. Insha Allah you will get to know which business/profession/job etc. would be best for you.



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Wazifa for Visa Problems

“Bismillah Hirrahman NirRaheem”

“Sallalaahu Alayhe Wa Alehi Wasallam”

Visa Wazifa in Urdu:

Agar apko immigration visa k lye masail ka samna karna pad raha hai or rukavaten arahi hain to ye asan sa wazifa pesh hai

  • Ap rozana (5) Panchon Namazon k bad 7 Martaba Surah Al Quraish Sharif tilawat Karein;
  • Apne masle k lye dua karte rahen InshaAllah Azzawajal jald he ap ka masla solve ho jayega.

Durood Shareef and Bismillah Shareef shuru karne se pahle padna zaroori hai, agar nahi likha hai to bhi.

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Visa Wazifa In English:

If you have any issues/problems to get immigration visa or any other problems related to immigration visa. You can perform the below mentioned wazifa:

  • After an each 5 obligatory prayers/salaat, recite 7 times Surah Al Quraish Sharif.
  • Continue praying to Allah Azzawajal for this problem. Insha Allah this will be resolved soon.

Must read Durood Shareef and Bismillah Shareef in the start of every wazifa no matter it is mentioned or not there.


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