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Wazifa for Eye Cataract


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

With the name of ALLAH, the Beneficent, the Merciful

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Dua for Cancer

Wazifa to treat Eye Cataract Disease:

Motiya Bind ka Ilaj Islam me:

Imam Jafar e Sadiq alayhissalam ke farman k mutabiq:

  1. Surah Ha-Meem Sajdah Surah #41 ko kisi pia’li mai likhain aur barish k pani is bartan mai jama karain;
  2. Phir is pani mai surma mila kar hal kar lain.
  3. Phir wo surma aankh mai lagain to motia bind khatam ho jae ga.
  4. Agar surma banana muskhil ho to Surah likh kar sirf barish ka pani is mai jama kar k aankh mai lagae. InshaAllah faidah hoga.

(Ref : Tajaliat e quran pg # 106)

Wazifa bayan karnay k sath aik ilaj bhi hai:

موتیا بند کی ابتدا میں پیاز کا رس ایک تولا ، خالص شہد ایک تولا ، بھیم سنی کافور ایک چوتھائی تولا ملا کر رات کو سوتے وقت آنکھ پر لگائیں۔

(Ref : apna dawakhana pg # 49)

In English:

  1. Write Surah Ha-Meem Sajdah Surah #41 on a bowl and assemble the rain water into this bowl;
  2. Then mix a Surma in this water.
  3. Apply this surma into your eyes. InshaAllah your eye cataract will be cured soon.
  4. If it is hard for you to make a surma then you can only write the above Surah only and collect rain water in this bowl and apply this rain water into your eyes. InshaAllah your eye cataract will be cured soon.
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Cures from The Holy Quran

“In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful”

“Bismillaah Hirrahmaan Nirraheem”

“Sallallaaahu Ala Muhammad Sallallaahu Alayhe Wa Alehi Wasallam”


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Cure Blood Pressure

“Bismillah hirrahman nirraheem”

“In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful”

“Sallallaahu Ala Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhe Wa Alayhi Wasallam”

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Cure Blood Pressure

Wazifa to cure Blood Pressure in Urdu-1

Upar di gayi ayato ko 60 martab pad le or pani par damm kare or use pi jaye. Insha Allah blood pressure ki bimari thik ho jayegi. Awwal Akhir me durood shareef 3 martba zarur pade.

Wazifa to cure Blood Pressure in English-1

Read this Qur’anic Verse 60 times and blow over the water and drink it Insha Allah Blood Pressure will become normal. Before and after this wazifa read dorood shareef 3 times. muhar

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Blood Pressure ka Ilaj With Quran Pak

English Transliteration of Surah Ale Imran Ayat #134 Part

Waalkazimeena Algh’ayza Wal Aa’feena A’ninNasi aAllahu yuhibbUlmuhsineena

Wazifa to cure Blood Pressure in Urdu-2

Jis kisi ko ye marz lahaq ho ausay chahe kay Surah Ale Imran ki ayat #134 ke upar diye hue hisse ko din main 101 martab parhe, InshAllah zaror faida ho ga

Wazifa to cure Blood Pressure in English-2

To cure blood pressure disease. Recite 101 times Surah Ale Imran Ayat #134 part wirtten above every day. Insha Allah this will be cured.

Please pray for me and my family.


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