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Dua for Love and Attraction


Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

“Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem”

“In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful”

“SallALLAHU Alayhi Wa Alayhi Wasallam”

Dua for Love and Attraction

Du`a and Ruqya for love and attraction also called Du`a of Hazrat Daaood (Peace be upon Him):

1. Keep a Roza (fast) on a Thursday.

2. After the fast is over. When you go to sleep after insha. Wake up after midnight 2Am around, make a wudu‘, offer two rak`ats.

3.  Write on a piece of paper below verse 9:129 of Al Bara’ at (At Taubah):

Hadrat Dawud-1

After this, also write the the name of the spouse with his/ hers mother’s name. (binte for woman, ibn for man). If name of his/her mother is not known write ‘Hawwa’.


Fa-In Tawallaw Faqul H’asbiyallaahu Laaa Ilaaha Illaa Huw A’layhi Tawakkaltu Wa Huwa Rabbul A’rshil A’z’eem


But if they turn away, say: “Allah suffices me. There is no god but He. On Him do I rely, and He is the Lord of the great throne.”

4. After writing the spouse name, also recite the same above written dua. [Dua is taken from Chapter 9 Verse 129 of Al Bara’ at (At Taubah)] keeping in mind the name of the displeased spouse you wrote.


5. After this, recite this dua:

hadrat-dawud-2 part-1

English Transliteration:

Allaahumma Anta Yaa Rabbi ‘Hasbee A’laa (Mention The Name Of The Spouse With His/ Hers Mother’s Name, If name of his/her mother is not known say Hawwa’ حَوَّاء.)

After A’laa recite The Name Of The Spouse With His/ Hers Mother’s Name (binte for woman, ibn for man). If name of his/her mother is not known say Hawwa’ حَوَّاء.). For example: If woman then say-  Huma binte Salma. If man then say Haaris ibn Maryam.

5.i. After this recite the remaining part of this dua:

hadrat-dawud-2 part-3 yaALLAH.inhadrat-dawud-2 part-2


EnglishTransliteration of remaining part of this dua:

Wa A’-T’if Qalbahaa A’layya Wa D’allihaa Lee

EnglishTranslation of remaining part of this dua:

O my Allah, You are (my) Lord, be sufficient for me to make her heart yield to me and submit to me in (love and affection).


6. In this way, this is one (1) time. Likewise, recite in the same way thirty (30) times in total.

7. About the piece of paper on which you wrote the dua in point 3:

After reciting, wrap it up carefully and tie it on your right arm or shoulder like a ta`wiz. Tie it up till you see positive effects and please remove it before going to washroom or any other place similar. you should tie this up at least for 40 days.

Please note: Females should not perform this during their menses. Girls can remove during menses and then tie again after 7 days when ritual bath/ghusl. After When they become pious/pure. Also, you can remove it before entering washroom or any other similar places.

These can also be done by a trustworthy & pious person for you.

Insha ALLAH, there will be harmony & love between husband & wife again.

Please remember me in your dua. Also, keep visiting and commenting, share the website with others as well to grab the inexpensive thavaab.


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