For your Various Problems

“Bismillah hirrahman nirraheem”

“Sallalaahu Ala Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhe Wa Alehi Wasallam”

 sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention )

**Humble Request**

This is a humble request to you all that please make dua for my Marhoom Nana, who passed away after a along struggle.  May ALLAH Azzawajal grant Jannah to him and forgive all his sins. Amin.

اللَّهُمَّ اغْفِرْ لِفُلَانِ وَارْفَعْ دَرَجَتَهُ فِي الْمَهْدِيِّينَ وَاخْلُفْهُ فِي عَقِبِهِ فِي الْغَابِرِينَ وَاغْفِرْ لَنَا وَلَهُ يَا رَبَّ الْعَالَمِينَ وَأَفْسِحْ لَهُ فِي قَبْرِهِ وَنَوِّرْ لَهُ فِيهِ

“O ALLAH, forgive Marhum Fateh Muh’ammad Saheb. Make him among the guided ones, raise his status and be his deputy among the grieving. O Lord of the two worlds, forgive us and him and make his grave wide and full of light”. Amin.


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 Recite the following du’a at least 100 times a day:

O my Allah, let (mention husband’s name) heart grow soft and gentle just as You melt the iron for Dawud, peace be on him, and make him mild and yielding to me just as You made the winds tractable and submissive to Sulayman son of Dawud, peace be on both of them, and put affection between us just as You put love between Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him and on his children) and Khadijah (blessings of Allah be on her), and between Ali (peace be on him) and Fatimah Zahra, blessings of Allah be on her, O the most beneficent.


*Bin-te is used for female whereas ibn is used for male

You must say the name of the person involved, and his/her mothers name

For example if male – Huzeif and his mother’s name is Ayesha, you will say “Huzeif ibn-e-Ayesha” 

For example if female- Summayya bin-te Haajra
This wazifa is very effective, and it melts hearts InshaAllah, just as lead was molten for the Prophet Da’ud alayhis ‘salam.
It is very good if you can read darood sharif before and after this dua. Note- Perform Wudu before starting this, without making wudu may be it would not give you a result and can do a side effect too. Utmost care of Paaki should be taken.

Part End-YaAllah

“Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem”

“SallALLAHU Ala Muhammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wa Alayhi Wasallam”

For Fulfillment of any Urgent Desire (Tamam Jaayaza Haajaat ke Liye  Aazmooda hai), tried and tested Ayah from Quran-e-Kareem. Just recite this with All the Aqeedah daily as much as you can. This will open the gates of success for you, InshaAllah Azzawajal.

Aau’zu Billaahe Minasshaitan nirrajeem

“Bismillah hirrahman nirraheem”

“Wala Savfaa Yu’teeka Rabbuka Fatardaa” 

“And your Lord is going to give you, and you will be satisfied.”

Parah #30, Aayat #5

Surah Wadduha



Love and attachment between spouses

Write and bury it in the four corners of the house, on four pieces of paper for reconciliation between spouses:

لَقَدْ جَآئَكُمْ رَسُوْلٌ مِّنْ أَنْفُسِكُمْ عَزِيْزٌ عَلَيْهِ مَا عَنِتُّمْ حَرِيْصٌ عَلَيْكُمْ بِالْمُؤْمِنِيْنَ رَؤُوْفٌ رَّحِيْمٌ.

Laqad jaaa-akum rasoolum min anfusikum a’zeezun a’laihi maa a’nittum h’arees’un a’laikum bil mu-mineena ra-oofunr rah’eem.

Certainly an Apostle has come to you from among yourselves; grievous to him is your falling into distress, excessively solicitous respecting you; to the believers (he is) compassionate, merciful.

In the same way write this verse for buildings by invoking blessings on the Prophet (s.a.w.s.) a hundred times; and say: O the Living, O the Everlasting, O Powerful, I ask You by the sanctity of the Quran that You create love in such and such wife for such and such husband or in such and such husband for such and such wife.[1]

[1] Tibb  al-Aaimma, As-Sayyid Shubbar, Pg. 424

Wazifa to make your inlaws (Saas & Sasur) in your favor

Wazifa to be loved by your in laws

Surah an Nisa verse number 45

وَ‌اللَّهُ ‌أَعْلَمُ بِأَعْد‍َ‍‌ائِكُمْ ۚ ‌وَكَفَى‌ بِ‍ال‍‍لَّهِ ‌وَلِيّا‌‌ ً‌ ‌وَكَفَى‌ بِ‍ال‍‍لَّهِ

نَ‍‍صِ‍‍ير‌ا‌‌ ً

Wa Allāhu ‘Alamu Bi'adā‘ikum ۚ Wa Kafá Bil-Lahi Walīyāan Wa Kafá Bil-Lahi Naşīan

004.045 ALLAH knoweth best (who are) your enemies. ALLAH is sufficient as a Guardian, and ALLAH is sufficient as a Supporter.



 Wazifa for in Laws
Surah An-Nisaa verse number 148

لاَ‌ يُحِبُّ ‌ال‍‍لَّهُ ‌الْجَهْ‍رَ‌ بِ‍ال‍‍سّ‍‍ُ‍و‌ءِ‌ مِنَ ‌الْ‍‍قَ‍‍وْلِ ‌إِلاَّ‌ مَ‍‌‍نْ ظُ‍‍لِمَ ۚ

‌وَك‍‍َ‍انَ ‌ال‍‍لَّهُ سَمِيعا‌‌ ً‌ عَلِيما‌‌ ً

Lā Yuĥibbu Al-Lahu Al-Jahra Bis-Sū‘i Mina Al-Qawli ‘Illā Man Žulima ۚ Wa Kāna Al-LahuSamī`āan `Alīmāan
004.148 ALLAH loveth not the utterance of harsh speech save by one who hath been wronged. ALLAH is ever Hearer, Knower.
Read this 3 days after Namaz e Isha 121 times. Then do Dua who tease you in inlaws That ALLAH save me from these person.
Insha ALLAH this Zuban Bandi wazifa of Inlaws and Enemies will work.

Wazifa for Son to Respect, Listen and Love His Parents and Brothers and Sisters

  • Surah Al Kawthar X 3 times with Awwal Aakhir Durood Shareef.
  • Blow on his food water and on him while he is asleep,

Insha Allah! You will see improvements soon.

 Dua To Do Chronic / Acute Difficulties Whose Solution Seems Non-Existent

Recite Waseelah Chapter In Qaseedah Burdah  Twice Daily
In morning once and in evening after 2 Rakat Nafil And then make a dua

Kala Jadu Nazla Zuqam ka Quran-e-Kareem se Tor

  1. Recite Surah Yaseen 50 times daily or 10 times after every namaz.
  2. Listen Surah Rahman daily
  3. Recite Surah Hashar 10 times after Asar namaz
  4. Recite dua-e-Noor 7 times after Maghrib Namaz
  5. Perform Hisar before sleeping in the night, by reading all 4 Qul and Ayatul Qursi
  6. Also drink hot tea and Joshanda for extra care.

Insha All you will be cured with this magic

Part End-YaAllah

Dua for Selection for a Job

Keep reciting


When you intend going to selection officer for job and blow on your/his face

Part End-YaAllahWazifa Nek bete ke liye

Wazifa for pious baby boy

To have a pious baby boy do the following wazifa

Ek Amil ka qaul hai ke agar kisi ki aulad paida hokar mar jati ho. Ya ayenda aulad hona hi band ho gayi ho to usay chahiye ke

  1. 11 din tak “Ya Jabbaru” ko rozana 300 martaba parhay aur 3 adad badamon (Almonds) par dam karay.
  2. Aik badam (Almonds) khud khaye aur dusra apni biwi ko khilaye.
  3. Phir apni biwi se khilwat karay 11 din tak aisa hi karay.
  4. Insha’Allah us ki biwi umeed se ho jayegi aur Allah Ta’ala usay naik aulad ata farmayenge aur har saal aik bakra Allah ke naam par paka kar logon ko khilaye.

Insha’Allah larka sahib-e-umar hoga

Wazifa to cure Weakness of Child

Kamzor Bache ka Ilaaj

Jo bacha bimari ki wajah se kamzor ho gaya ho us ke jism ki bahali ke liye “Ya Jabbaru” ka wird bohat akseer hai.

Thora sa sarson ka tail lay kar is ism ko 1900 martaba parhain aur 7 rooz tak isi tarah parhai kar ke tail par dam karain aur phir is se kamzor bachay ke jism par malish karain.

Insha’Allah bohat jald bacha sehatmand aur tawana ho jaye ga.

Kamzori aur dublapan khatam ho jaye ga.

Yallaah Page End Symbol

With the Karam of Almighty Allah Azzawajal and His Beloved Messenger Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhe Wasallam InshaAllah you will get success, the only condition is that your purpose for using these taweez should be genuine, true and should not be illegitimate or najayaz.

On the very Special Occasion of Shab-e-Baraat.

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To read about Ibadat on Shab-e-Baraat.

Whether Allah Azzawajal and His Beloved Messenger Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him loves music or not?

To know, click on “Music Forbidden in Islam” or not?


Protection from Enemy

If someone has threat of enemy then read this wazifa.

ya Mun’inu ya Jaami’oo ya Mannaano

How to use this Wazifa:

Read this wazifa 321 times daily after Esha Prayer imagine the enemy during reading.  Start this wazifa from Saturday or from Tuesday.

 Wazifa to get a Job

Write this Wazifa on paper and tie it.-

Surah Al Imran Ayaat number 73

Is wazifay ko paper par likh kay bandh le, Insha Allah you will get a job.

Yallaah Page End Symbol

Powerful Duas and Wazaif


Bismillah hirRahman

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Every Type of Durood-e-Pak

For all those loving brothers and sisters with their support, has achieved the higher rankings ALHAMDULILLAH. I am really very grateful primarily to ALLAH Zille Shanahu and to HIS Beloved Messenger Muh’ammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam and then to the visitors who keeps visiting every day without any absence. Their consistent interactions with me gave me a high morale to work hard every second. Now, I hardly gets time for my personal life but I am glad that I am contributing at least something in the way of ALLAH Zille Shanahu. muhar

Emails & Comments from the people who have got their

Desires fulfilled



Thanx for response. But am a girl, and your sister not brother…:-)

My present wing includes field work [ being girl it was difficult for me to manage it] and i wanted some office post.

some one said that its bcoz of black magic you are on this post.
Mean time i followed your website and got this wazifa.

suddenly i got call from Bangalore[head office] and they asked if am interested to work on tcsd wing (the post which i wanted). I said yes and sent my request letter.

I had done this wazifa during September and on 09.10.2014 i got my transfer orders.

All officers were shocked to see this. Bcoz it never happened before in my company. Generally for such transfers we need to spend 2lacks and i got it free of cost. Also transfers are done in the month of April but i got it as soon as i did wazifa.
Its like miracle for me. And it proved nothing is impossible if Allah is with us…:-)

Thank u soooooo much….:-)

I will be waiting for the wazifa for my relieve.

Thanx once again…:-)


welcome back sir,was thinking all of a sudden why the email stopped coming…im following the wazifa on acne .i got no pimples on my face..may allah subhanhu watallah guide you always !


Mashhaalha gd work ur….take care. My muslim bhaiyo



Meine job k liye wajifa kiya tha aap hi k site pe padhkar.. muje naya job mila bhi.. shukranallah.. lekin muje 2 month hue hai join kar ke. Aur kaam ka load itna hai ki extra duty karni padhti hai.aurholidays pe kaam pe jaana padhta hai… pura din kaam rehta hai no time to seat… muje aisi kuch dual bataye ki meri ye pareshani dur ho..

5. Thank you for your guidance.I attained many benefits from this website.For your good deeds May Allahuthaala Jallajalaaluhus blessings be showered upon you.Jazakkallah Khair.


Millions of Thanks to you Ale Imran Saheb for Dua e Shifa and your Heartfelt appeal & request to all people across globe who are members of this site to pray for Bilal. I am sure when by your efforts people pray and say AMEEN then Allah will surely listen to their prayers.


One of our brother commented for the wazifa on “Dua for Very Hard Times“:

“Allihamudulillah, that dua has helped me overcome a lot of difficulties in my life.”


“JAZAK ALLAH mene is site kafi search kia h boht bar boht acha kam kr rhe hn ALLAH apko ajar den”


By a brother Ibraheem who is now healed Alhamdulillah:

Salam/w. First of all I thank Almighty Allah for directing me to this site. I am 28 yrs old, all of a sudden I started expreiencing difficulty in breathing the 6th of november. I was so scared because I felt its a threath to life. So I went to doctor 13th of november nd I was diagnosed with hbp of 150 also some drugs were prescribe to me and that I should come back the 3rd day though I took d drugs but I experiece a little releif wic I tink is insignificant. So I started praying and Allah directing me 2 dis siteand I did has dey said with believe dat I am cured so dat day I went back to d doctor without taking the drugs dat mrning nd when I got there the doctor checked and find out my bp is normal 110/80.

Alhamdulilh. Jazakullah khaira

Insha ALLAH soon!! More such comments will be published here. So, don’t doubt and keep up your hard work and leave the rest on ALLAH Subhanahu Wata A’la.

How helped people- Read Their Own Words muhar

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Answers to the Questions are:

1)What is your favorite book?
Ans. The only Perfect book written by Allah Azzawajal- “Holy Quran”

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Ans. There are so many people who are my favorite and I love them too- the prominent among them are in chronological order:
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Ans. hhhmmm……Can’t say, I am nasty reader.

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Ans. My lappy.

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Ans. Obviously- Saudi Arabia and India as I born here.

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Ans. Letters- ‘I’ and ‘M’ and ‘N’. Words are ‘brotherhood’, ‘Unity’ and so many.

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Ans. Habit I hate- Drinking alchohol, person I hate- any stone hearted, Thing I hate- any na-pak

10)What is the meaning of your name?
Ans. Al I’mran means- The family of Imran. In His family there are Zakareya Alayhissalam, Yahya Alayhissalam, Maryam Alayhissalam and Isa Alayhissalam.

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