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Dua for Removing Acne Scars


Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

In The Name of ALLAH, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Dua for Removing Acne Scars

Assalamu A’laykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh,

Acne is very common and serious disease these days. So many people are badly effected and needs a permanent solution.

Questions that may run through your mind:

  1. Should you take any precautions to prevent it? but not getting results.
  2. Did you spend a heavy amount to get rid of this but all in vain?
  3. Do you feel embarrassing when you are around a lot of people some of them, they look as though you are infected with a horrible disease.
  4. If you have been suffering from any sort of acne diseases like pimples, dark spots, black heads, scars, marks, dark skin and over the years it is getting worse.
  5. This causes stress to increase. Is there any possible remedies in islam.

No worries, ALHAMDULILLAH, There is a very powerful cure in The Holy Quran for this.


Wazifa to Remove Acne Scars:

In English:

  1. Make a fresh wudu;
  2. You can also sit on a prayer mat or on any other pious place, your bed also.
  3. Recite three hundred 300 times “ALLAHUMMA Salli Al’a Jildi Sayyidina Muhammadinwa barik wa sallim”;
  4. Then blow it on your palms and wipe on your face. You can also blow it on a glass of water and drink it, if you want.
  5. Do this amal until you see results.
  6. No boundations for any specific time. You can perform this at any point of time better not during zawal tiem.

Note: Females should skip during menses. 

In Urdu Transliterated in English:

  1. Taza wudu bana lijiye;
  2. Ja namaz bicha kar uspar beth jaye aur 300 martaba “ALLAHUMMA Salli Al’a Jildi Sayyidina Muhammadinwa barik wa sallim” padiye;
  3. Fir apni dono hatheliyo par dum karke chehre par fer lijiye. Ap chahe to pani ke bhare hue glass par bhi dum karke pee sakte hai;
  4. Esa har roz kijiye jab tak asar nazar na aye;
  5. Waqt ki pabandi nahi hai. Ap kisi bhi waqt kar sakte hai behtar hoga zawal ke waqt ke dauran nahi kare.

Ghaur Talab: Khwateen haiz ke dauran tark kar de.

Cures, Precautions and Dietary Recommendations:

Problems with acne usually begin from within and are a result of a bad diet. So cleaning the colon will remove built up toxins from your body and begin the healing process.  Some of the herbs are recommended that will purify your blood. After that, always make sure that you monitor you bowel movements as well as one  should be relieving himself at least 2-3 times per day. If not then take an herbal laxative insha ALLAH fasting never fails and you should drastically increase your intake of water. Leave off junk food  and soda entirely as well as foods rich in thick sauces and salt like curry dishes. Leave off bread too as sometimes the yeast and or soy can cause acne or boils. It may take a few months to heal  but with patience I’m sure you’ll see the difference insha ALLAH. Gradually, you can introduce  little things back into your diet and you’ll know right away if that particular food item is harmful for you. Your problem can be a result of allergic reaction to certain foods or the ingredients contained in them.
Try not to use acne products on your face as most of them only overdry the skin. Simply use  soap if any at all and warm water. Apple cider vinegar is great for cleansing dirt from the skin. Apply it to a cotton ball and wipe your face and you’ll see what I mean. Always keep a clean washcloth for your face and don’t pick at pimples or scars. Wash your face at least 3 times a day  one being before you go to bed. Going to a dermatologist is helpful but problems with acne start within. Follow these steps first  and once you’ve gotten everything under control consult one.

Try Al-Qist Al Hindi, its a blood purifier. The filth is in the blood and thats why you get all these spots. When you drink Al-Qist Al Hindi it will clean away all the filth that is in the blood. This is why those who have sihr use Al-Qist Al Hindi. I am not saying you have sihr but I mean the outside shows what’s in your inside.

Try Al-Qist Al Hindi for spots and it will realy work insha ALLAH. The only thing is that you need to go to the toilet many times because all the filth goes to the Urinary bladder. So I advice you to perform a Hijama and use Al-Qist Al Hindi. You can use it many times a day. Mix it with hot water and little bit honey, insha ALLAH you will see improvements. If you are in UK then you can also buy ‘Manuka Honey’. A jar of 500 gram UMF15+ ‘Manuka Honey’ is approximately £21.

The Manuka Honey could help because the cause of the acne could also be a bacteria. Whatever the cause it will help healing wounds and scars insha ALLAH. So please apply it daily as a face mask and leave it for at least half an hour and wash it of carefully.

May ALLAH cure you and make things easy for you and I ask ALLAH Azzawajal to guide us all. Ameen

Dua for Removing Acne Scars

Acne and Skin Whitening Wazifa

Bismillah hirRahman

Acne & Skin Whitening Wazifa

Acne: What is Acne?

Acne vulgaris is a general skin condition that effects most of the people in some form or the another. Moderate to severe acne affects 40-50 million Americans (16%). It has many different forms:

  • Scaly red skin/rosacea;
  • Blackheads and whiteheads also known as Comedones;
  • Pinheads or Papules;
  • Pimples or Pustules;
  • Larger papules also known as Nodules; and
  • Scars on skins.

A very frequent type of skin disease is the top 4 forms of acne listed above. Generally, during puberty, pregnancy, or infection. Acne vulgaris can be a very traumatic thing for some people. muhar

Click here to see Wazifa to Remove Acne Scars

Wazifa for Pimples/Acne

Read seven times the following Du’aa and blow on soil in such a manner that little saliva comes out and then past the soil on the pimples.

بسم الله, تربة ارضنا, بريقة بعضنا ويشفي سقيمنا, باذن ربنا.

“Bismillah, Turbatu Arzinaa, Bireeqati Ba’zinaa Wa Yashfee Saqeemanaa, Bi Izni Rabbinaa”

Perform this until you see improvements. Insha ALLAH your pimples will be removed. muhar

Agar chehra be-ronaq ho jay ya chahrey ka rang siahi mayal ho jay to har namaz ke bad 111 martaba

Allaha’hul Mu’sa’wwi’rul Maalik parh kar hathon par dumm kar ke chehray per pheren to insha ALLAH bad surati zail hojayegi. Awal o aakhir 14 martaba durood sharif parhain.

[Ref : Kitab Naway Salaheen Pg # 328] muhar


For Skin Whitening

  1. Durood-e-Pak 11 martaba;
  2. Surah-e-Al e Imran (Surah#3) ki Ayat#107
  3. Durood-e-Pak 11 martaba;

Paani per parh kar us paani se wuzu ya ghusl (wajib ya mustahab ghusl) karey to uska rang gora ho jayega.

Please note: Pani nale me na jane paye use kisi pak saf jagah jaise mitti wagerah me dal de.

(Ref: Naaway saliheen, Pg#328). muhar

Few tips:

  1. Wash with cold water.
  2. Use Multani mitti face pack on your face;
  3. Wash your face 3 times with water only;
  4. Leave oily and spicy food

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