Make Dua for Me

Bismillaah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

“Assalatu wassalamu ‘alayka Ya Rasulallah”

Make Dua for Me

Verse of the Quran Concerning dua!

“If due to the misfortune of sins, you do not possess a tongue of acceptance. Go to the friends of Allah and request their Du’â’s. Request those brothers of purity to pray on your behalf.” 

Revelation to Moosa Alayhissalam!

Once revelation came to the Prophet Moosa , “O Moosa , call upon me with such a tongue which has not committed any sin.” The Prophet Moosa  replied, “Our lord, none of us posses such a tongue.” The reply came, “Call upon us with the tongue of others.” (In other words, request others to make supplication for they because you did not sin through their mouths.)“When did you ever commit sins through other people’s tongues? So with the tongue of others call me, ‘O Allah’”

Allah’s Lesson to Moosa Alayhissalam!

Here Allah is giving a lesson to the Prophet Moosa  people through him. The Ummah (followers) are the sinful ones whilst the prophets are sinless. So outwardly the command came to the Prophet Moosa? but in actual fact, the address is directed at his Ummah.

“Or cleanse your mouth and make your lazy negligent soul alert and wide awake.”

This address is also directed at the Prophet Moosa  people. The name of Allah is pure. When you will take His name your mouth too will become clean. The impurity will pick up it’s bedding and depart. Every opposite will run away from its opposite as night flees when dawn breaks forth with its light. And so the purity of Allah’s names dispels your impurity. When the name of Allah comes onto the tongue the impurity and darkness of sin cannot remain there.

Rememberance of Allah Azzawajal !

In this incident there is a great lesson for the seekers of Allah. No matter what they may be no matter how much involved in sin, they should not delay in making Zikrullah (Remembrance of Allah) due to their impurities. Do not delay in making Zikrullah, awaiting first the fruits of rectification of the self. In fact rectification will through the blessing of Zikrullah becomes easy. It is through the Nur (Divine Light) of Zikr that one becomes aware of the darkness of sins, due to the fact that things are easily recognised through their opposites.

Words by Al eʿÍmrãn

If you are in trouble and in need of Almighty Allaah Subhanahu Wata Ala’s help. We will InshaAllah make dua for you. InshaAllah it would surely be accepted.

Please do not hesitate to tell us your problems and issues so that we can make dua for you better. We will present Durood-e-Pak and Offer a Niyaaz in the Shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty Rahmatullaah Alayhi or Ghareeb Nawaz in Ajmer Sharif, Rajasthan, India.

Also in the Shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Fakhruddin Chishty Rahmatullaah Alayhi, The Elder Son of Ghareeb Nawaz, in Sarwaar Sharif, Ajmer Sharif, Rajasthan, India.

InshaAllah with the Karam of Almighty Allaah Subhanahu Wata Ala and Dua of His Beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Sallahu Alayhi Wa Alehi Wasallam and all the WaliAllaah, your problems and issues will be resolved soon through the Waseela of all Wali Allah.

This is a Karam of Almighty Allah (Subhanahu wata Ala)  and Huzoor-e-Akram (Sallalaahu Alayhe Wasallam) that I got a chance to serve mankind. Neither being such a well known personality, knower of deen nor a pious man I am, instead a sinful man. May Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wata Ala forgive every muslim’s sin.  No matter how grievous our sins are, Mercy of Allah Azzawajal is more than the huge and enormous Mountains, for sure.

“Ash-shadu anLaa elaha illa lah. Ash-shadu anna Muhammadar Rasoolullah.”

I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.

It’s my luck that Allah Azzawajal has given me such a golden opportunity to serve ummah. Whereas, I am nothing but a zaria.  If I can help you in any way. I hope my birth would be a worth. Not being such a pious personality I am. A sinner, a human being who claims to be a muslim, can only hope from Allah Azzawajal. May Allah azzawajal forgives our sins and fulfills all jayaz haajaat/desires of us.

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May Allaah Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala forgives all our sins and accept all our namaz and other good deeds. Ameen Ya Rabbul A’lameen.

Please remember your brother and my family in your each dua, every day.

Dua, the only weapon we have, to help each other !

JazakALLAHU Khair!

May God recompense you with good




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  1. main bohat mushkil main hu apne purane padosi se pyar ho gaya hai muje vo 5 times ka namazi hai daily quran pak ki tilawat karta hi mujse bohat pyar bi karta hai lekin hamare bich galat fehmi had se zyada bar gayi aur vo dhiri dhiri mere se dur hone lage unhone apni khala ko bi bataya unhone mera naam zikar nhi kiya bas kaha ki shaadi ke baad ghar ki bahu ko bahar job karne ki permission denge ki nahi tab unki khala ne unko kaha ki nahi hai aur kaha tumhe pata nahi tumhare ghar ka mahoal kaisa tumhari ammi ko bp ka problem hai aur tum ladki ke chakkkar main pad gaye ho unki khala ne ye baat unki ammi ko batai unki ammi ne unhe bohat daata aur unse baat karna bi band kar diya aur unki ammi ki tabiyat kharab ho gayi ye baat unhone mujhe nahi batai bas dhire dhire mujhse dhur hone lage aur thik se baat ni karte the bas kehte the ki problem hai lekin kuch batate nahi the 5 months mujhse ye baat chupai maine bi bohat galti ki unse bohat rudely baat karti the unke is behaviour k wajhse se fir ek din unhone mujhse keh diya ki vo mujhse shaadi nahi kar sakte hai vo bohat majbur hai main pagalo ki tarah unhe call karti rahi lekin koi reply nahi jab unse milne gayi to unhone bataya ye sab problem aur kaha agar mummy mere shaadi tumse karwaenge to main karunga lekin main mummy ko kuch nahi kahunga aur na hi tum kuch kehna allah ko hume milane ka rahenga to milaenge tum na mujhe call karo na msg main tumse pyar karta tha lekin ghar ki problem aur tumhare behaviour ki wajhse se sab pyar dhire dhire khatam ho gaya jab maine kaha ki main tumhari se baat karungi apni mummy ko lekar aaungi tumhare ghar unse baat karne to unhone ye baat apni khala ko bata di aur sab bata diya ki vo ladki main hu aur mummy k daatne ki baad maine unsse rishta khatam kar diya hai bohat samjha raha hu lekin samaj nahi rahi hai mujhe dhamki de rahi hai meredil se uttar gayi hai vo aur unki khala ne ne unki ammi ko ye baat batai aur unko lekar hamare ghar aa gaye mere mummy ko sab bataya aur kaha main jabardasti unke bete ke piche padi hu mujhse bohat buri tarah se baat ki aur kaha jo bhi hai sab khatam kar do aur hume itne jaldi shaadi nahi karni hai uski aur tum usse age main badi ho ha main usse ek saal badi ho lekin main saache dil se unhe chahte ho allah ki ibadat karti hu namaz padti hu quran pak surah yaseen, rehman, muzammil padti ho har roz auur azmaya hai allah pak ki rehmat ko jab bi unhe had se zyada yaad karti hu allah unhe mere saamne la dete hai sabar kar rahi hu aur unhone ni kaha hai agar allah ki bandi ho to sabar karo ubhe hume milane ka rahenga to jarur milaenge insha allah mere mummy ne mujhe unki kasam di hai aur kaha hai ki main na us ladke ko call karungi aur na msg unke li tadap rahi aur allah se din raat reham ki dua maang rahi hu allah se us ladke ke dil main aur uski ammi ke dil main reham de imaan de kyuki vo bi allah ke bande hai allah se unki raza maang rahi hu hamare rishte ki liye iske liye thuysday ko roza bhi rak rahi hu aap bhi please dua karo ki allah hamre rishte ko apni raza de aur gaib se zariya paida kare aur mere maddat kare aur hame mila de unka naam farhan hai unki ammi ka reshma mera naam zarmin hai aur mere ammi ka jabeen dua karo please

    • As-salamu-alaykum!
      Assalatu wassalamu Alayka ya rasoolullaah!

      Please do not worry, InshaAllaah everything will be alright soon. Just offer namaz and other ibaadat with punctuality.
      Mene apki puri bat padi, kafi pareshaniya hai, par himmat mat hariye or maayus na hoiye. Allaah un logo ko pasand nahi krte jo maayoos hote hai. Allaah se jo ummid karoge wo tumhare liye waise hi pesh ayenge. Agar tumhari muhabbat sachi hai or pak hai or usse dusre logo ko koi nuksan nahi ho, to wo kamyab hogi. Rahi bat ladke ki ammi ki to agar ladka unki wajah se khamosh hai, farma bardar hai, or tum uski yahi bat maan kar sabr kar rahi ho, jo ki achhi bat hai.
      Me Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz ki Mazar-e-mubarak (Ajmer Sharif, Rajasthan), pe jaunga, InshaAllaah on 1 December as per Indian Calendar, or apki darkhwast bhi lagaunga, Allaah ke Wali hai unki bat jald sunenge. Ap chahe to khud dua kar sakti online phone pe jab me haziri du waha uswaqt, usse apki dua me bhot asar hoga InshaAllah, mere kayi dosto or milne walo k liye jab dua ki mene to aj unki Allaah ke karam se tamam pareshaniya khatm hogyi, or Apki bhi hongi.
      But please ap apni muhabbat ko pak hi rakhiyega, Allaah ese logo ka hi sath deta hai, jinhone sabr kiya or wo bhi unke hukm k mutabik apni nafs ko dabate hue.
      Mene ye wordpress website sirf khidmat k taur pe hi banayi hai, ke shayad kisi bhi zariye kisi ki madad kar saku, Allaah mujhe or mere tamam ahlo ayal ko Jannah ata farmaye. Bas apki dua hi chahiye.
      Ap chahe to kisi bhi pareshani me or dua ke liye mujhe mere e-mail pe ya phone pe contact kar sakti hai. Apke liye dua karne ke bad InshaAllah behtar hoga. Ap apna country bhi bataye.
      Me apne Peer Saheb se bhi apke masle me bat karunga. Unko apna masla phone pe batla dijiyega.
      Kuch wazeefe apko bata deta hu jald hi, ap pabandi se unhe kariyega, fir dekhiye sab apke haq me behtar hi hoga InshaAllaah.
      Kisi bhi taur pe call karne me hichkichayega nahi.

      Al-Imran Raza

  2. reply k liye shukriya lekin hum se gunah huwa hai humne zina nahi kiya hai lekin kuch gunah huwa hai aur allah se din raat apne gunah ki bakshish mang rahi hu bohat darr lag raha hai sab ne saath chod diya hai jisse be panah pyar karti hu usne bi vo to mere shakal tak dekna nahi chahte hai mere kuch baaton ne unko bohat taklif de hai aur unhe lagta hai unki ammi ko main taklif dena chahti hu maine unse pucha ki unhone mere saath timepass kyu kiya to unhone kaha maine pyar kiya tha lekin tumhare baaton se aur ghar ki problem se mera pyar dhire dhire khatam ho gaya hai maine unse maaafi mangi ek mauka maanga unhone maaf kar diya lekin ek mauka dene se inkar kar diya main allah se ek mauka maang rahi hu sabne mera saath chod diya allah aap mere saath mat chodo muje aapki aapke saath ki sahare ki jarurat hai bohat darr lagta hai allah muje gunahgar bandi hu aapki baksh do allah reham kar do ek mauka de do apni is bandi ko humse jo gunah hua hai uske baare main humne kisi ko nahi bataya hai kyuki mere izzat ka sawal hai humne zina nahi kiya hai allah hume maaf kar de main har roz zohar ki namaz k waqt salatul tauba namaz ada karti hu allah se apne gunaho ki bakshish maangti hu maine esha baad ed dua bi padti hu 125 martaba mere frnd ke abba se pata chali hai vo dua ye hai ya muqallebal qulub qalbihi qalbuhu inni min farhan ibne reshma rehmatika va fazlika awwal akhir 11 baar darood sharif padti hu aur har waqt darood sharif aur ya mujibu ki tilawat karti hu muje bohat darr lagta hai ghutan hoti hai allah muj par reham kar de vo log bohat acche gharane ke log hai sab hajji aur namazi hai dua karo ki allah unke dil main reham de aur muje maaf kar de bohat muskil main ho aur main is mahine ki islami 16 date ko sola sayyedo ka roza rakne wali ho allah in roze ki barkat se sola sayyedo ke sadqe wasileh mere gunah ki liye muje bakshe de aur reham kare aur farhan aur unke ghar walo ko apni raza se razi kar de insha allah ameen dua ki darwash plz jaldi reply kijiye

  3. mere face par pimples k dark spots bhi hai dikne main ek average ladki hu unke ghar main unki cousin ki wife bohat khubsuart hai mere ammi kehte hai ki unhe khubsurat baho chahiye main jaise bhi hu allah ne muje banaya hai aur farhan ko kabi is jis se koi taklif nahi hai lekin unke ghar walo ko hongi please mere face k liye dua karo

  4. main india ki hu allahmuje bakshe denge na muje ek mauka denge na main sache dil se allah se apni gunah ki bakshish maan rahi hu aap ko pata hai jab unki ammi aur khala mere ghar aaye the tab main wuzu mai thi aur quran pak ki tilawat kar rahi thi dil ko bohat bada jhatka laga ki quran pak ki tilawat k waqt muj par itni badi musibat aayi jhute ilzam lage lekin ammi ne kaha ki allah tumhari aazmaish le rahe hai mere ghar main ye baat sirf mere didi ammi aur ek cousin ko pata hai aur unke ghar main unki 2 khala aur unki aami ko pata hai unki ammi mujse bohat naraz hai aur farhan bhi unki ammi ne pata nahi unke saath kya kiya honga vo hamare ghar main hi bohat gusse main thi aur keh rahi thi ki vo unke ab chodenge nahi hamare shaadi se kisi ko koi taklif nahi hongi fir bi pata nahi kyu itni mushkilat hai allah reham kare hum par

  5. main 6 baje k baad cal nahi kar sakti hu ghar par rehti hu us waqt ammi aur sab rehte hai aj maine allah ki raza k liye roza raka hai dua karo allah mere roze ko kabol kare aur farhan aur mere rishte ko apni raza de muje bohat darr lagta hai raat bhar thik se so nahi paati hu nind main aankh khulti hai baar baar unki yaad aati hai fir allah se dua mangti hu thik se khana bhi nahi kha pa rahi hu 5 months main hamare 10 kg weight loose ho gaya hai farhan bhi bohat weak ho gaye hai har waqt unke chehre par mayusi rehti hai bas allah unke aur unke ammi aur gharwalo ke dil main reham de

    • Okay, ap fikr na kare, 2 baje bhi call kar sakti hai, me time nikal leta hu. Apki pareshani hal hojayegi InshaAllaah. Bas ap mere liye bhi or meri family ke liye bhi dua kare ke hume Deedar-e-Maqam-e-Medina-Al-Munavvar ho.

    • Ass-salaatu-wass-salamu-a’layka Ya Rasoolullaah,

      As-salamu-alaykum Zarmin!

      Himmat rakhiye, life me situations ati hai, mayus na ho!
      Allaah apka imtehan le rahe hai, nafsi or zamini khwahishaat ko control kare.
      Aj apki janib se haziri dilwata hu Hazrat Ghareeb Nawaz Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty Rehmatullah Alayhi, Ajmer Sharif.
      Apke haq me Allah se Ghareeb Nawaz ke zariye apki pareshaniya hal hojaye InshaAllaah.

      Fi Amanillah,

  6. assalam alikum jumma mubarak aap ne mujhe abhi tak mail nahi kiya aap and in dono par mail karna please aur dua kijye jumma k din imaam sahab k pehle kutbah aur dusre kutbah k darmiyan aur uske baad jo bhi dua mangte hai vo puri hoti hai aur asar aur magrib k bich magrib hone se kuch 45 min pehle jo dua mangte hai kabol hoti hai vo dua kaboliyat ka waqt hai please dua karo mere liye please

  7. bhai maine aapke website par deka ishtikara kaise karne ka lekin arabic text main dua nahi hai sirf english translation hai hamare ghar par pakistani pansura hai jisme vo dua hai main us dua ko refer karo 2 rakat nafil namaz k baad awwal akhir darood sharif pad kar vo dua ek martaba padne ka aur qibla ke taraf face karke sone ka sahi hai ya galat reply kijiye aur ha ajmer sharif jayenge to please apni is behen ki liye dua kare bohat taklif hoti hai jis insan ko hum itna pyar karte hai aur vo b karta hai lekin kuch galti kuch gunah kuch galat fehmi k wajhse se vo aapko dekne bi nahi chahta hai please pray kijiye allah hume gaib se mila de inshallah ameen

  8. aur ha hamare janib niyaaz bi karwaye plz allah apko har khushi se nawazenge inshaallah ameen kal hum sola sayyedo ko roza rakne wale hai dua ki darkhwaz

  9. assalam alikum bhai aap ne kuch reply nahi diya istikhara k baare main aap please in detail batao please vo dua padne k baat main istikhara kis chiz k liye kar rahe hu vo bhi allah pak se zubani kehna padenga plz reply

  10. hamari ammi bhi hamare liye dua kar rahe hai kal ammi se is topic par baat hui khushi ho allah ek maa ki dua jarur kabol karenge inshaallah aleem

  11. bhai assalam alikum aap hamari madat nahi karonge kya aap kuch reply nahi kar rahe ho please allah k vaaste hamari madat karo

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  13. please maine aapko mail kiya hai aap pad lijiye aapke email id par please jaldi reply kijiye bohat mushkil main hu

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  15. kal se start karungi thursday hai na kal bhai hum ye fazar k baad padna chahte hai aur jo dua hamare frnd ke abbu ne diye hai vo esha padte hai thik hai na bhai maine apne gunaho ki taubah k liye kal aur aj bhi nafil roza raka hai please allah se dua karo ki vo mere roze ko kabol kare aur muje maaf karke ek mauka de kal thursday hai main allah ki raza k liye roza rakunge apne aur apne farhan k rishte k lliye allah pak ki raza chahti hu please dua karo bohat bechaini ho rahi hai farhan ko dekna chahti hu unko cal karna chahti hu lekin mummy ne kasm de hai aur farhan to mere shakal tak dekna nahi chahte hai bohat akele hu allah mujh par reham kar de inshallah ameen reply

  16. bhai mujhe bohat taklif ho rahi hai main apne aanso ko na namaz main control kar pati hu na vaise hi office mai ho lekin itna rona aata hai ghutan ho rahi hai bohat darr lagta hai pata nahi unhe mere yaad kyu nahi aati hai mujh par reham kyu nahi aata hai

  17. bhai aj wednesday k din zohar aur asar k darmiyan jo dua mangte hai vo kabol hoti hai kyuki ye dua kboliyat k waqt hai please apni is behen k liye dua kijiye muje dua ki saqt jarurat hai please

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  21. BHAI AASALAM ALIKUM hum aj vo dua nahi pad paye jo apne di thi hum fajar k baad surah yaseen, surah muzammil, surah rehman, surah mudassir, surah tehrim dua e mustajab quran pak ki tilawat aur allah ka naam ya mujeebu ki tilawat karte hi 7 baj jate hai aur 8.30 ko office k liye ready hona padta hai 1.30 hrs hi tha hamare pass itne time main complete nahi ho pata kyuki usme surah ikhlas 1000 times recite karna hai tahhajud k liye bi uth nahi pati ho raat ko 12-12.30 baj jate hai sote sote aur fir raat main baar baar ankh kulti hai bhai dua please dua karo hamare liye hamari ammi ne hume kal fir toka ki itni jor se dua nahi manga chahiye hum dua mangte time allah k karib ho jate hai aur rote hai allah ko apna dard batate hai reham ki bhik mangte hai isliye hamari awaz loud ho jati hai mummy kehte hai is tarah dua kabol nahi hongi hum kya kare bhai please aap hi bataye aur aj humne allah ke raza k liye roza raka hai please dua karo ki allah hamre roze ko kabol kare aur iski barkat se farhan aur mere rishte ko apni raza de please bhai reply karo

    • As-salaamu-alaykum !

      Please do not worry. Just be patient and calm. Sabr se hi hoga, tum khamoshi ke sath dua mango ansu bahake. Kisi ko khabar tak na ho ese.
      Jab bhi waqt mile adjust karlo time or Khatm-e-Khwajgan shuru kar dena. Or koi zarurat ho to btaye.Ek bat or bataye jiska pne jawab tak nahi diya, kya tumne ko follow kiya?

      Fi Amanillaah,


  23. main ne follow par ja kar apna company or personal mail id type kiya do baar lekin muje id par mail nahi mil raha hai jIs pr jakar main activate karo

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  25. Assalam alikum bhai

    i have not received any mail beside this we are unable to access facebook, twitter, linkedin from our office it has been blocked and i dont have net facility at my home.My couisin has expired on thursday that the reason i couldnt reply.i have not even started that dua which you have given me my schedule was disturbed.

  26. Bhai bohat lacchar ho gayi hu unhe dekne k liye unse baat karne ki liye taras gayi hu lekin vo toh mere shakal tak dekne nahi chahte hai bohat taklif ho rahi hai unke chachi jo 1st floor pe rahate hai unka beta mere pass tution aata hai lekin diwali vaccation ke baad se abhi tak nahi aaya hai mummy lo lagta hai ki farhan ki ammi ne ye baat sab ko bata di hai unke ghar ki main unke beta ki piche padi hu isliye vo tution nahi aa raha hai unhe lagta hai ghar ki ladies ko ye baat pata hai mummy ko bohat sharmindgi mehsus ho rahi hai mere wajhse se allah se dua kar rahi hu mujh jaise aulad kisi bi maa baap ko na de mujhe mere gunaho ke liye baksh de mujhe ek mauka de gaib se farhan aur unke ghar walo ko razi kare apni raza de hamare rishte ko aisa lagta hai jaise allah mujhse naraz hai pehle jab bhi farhan ko dekne chahti thi allah sane le aate hai unhe dekh kar karib 25 days ho gaye hai ajeeb se bechaini hai baar baar dil kar raha hai unhe cal karo lekin vo to mujhe bohat hate karte hai mere shakal tak nahi dekne chahte hai maibne aj hamari nabi ke liye roza raka hai dua karo hamre nabi ki sadqe aur is roze ki barkat se allah mere frahan aur muje gaib se mila de unke nafrat ko pyar main badal de unke dil main reham de inshallah ameen.

    please bhai mere liye dua karo main bohat akele hu please

  27. please apne bhai se bol kar ek baar fir se mere aur farhan ke rishte k liye khawaja garib nawaz ki dargah main dua karne ko bolo na please allah ki raza magne ki liye kaho na please bhai mere fariyad ko pura kar do please bhai allah aap ko bohat khush rakenge inshallah ameen

    please reply kijiye mujh lacchar ki madad kijiye

  28. Ghar main shaadi ki baat hoti hai to dar lagta hai kal pura din main roi ho namaz main ek pal ke liye bi mere aanso nahi tham rahe the muje bohat darr lagta hai aisa lagta hai jaise allah bi mujhse naraz hai farhan mujhse nafrat karte hai ye soch kar aur rona aata hai mere galtiyon ko wajahe se jo insaan mujhse itna pyar karta tha vo aj mujhse nafrat karta hai bas ek allah se aur unse ek last mauka chahti hu reham kar do allah reham kar do mujh lacchar par baksh do muje apni raza de do allah. Mere cousin ko aids ho gaya tha last stage par tha vo unse aapne aap ko khatam kar diya uski shaadi ko abi 11/2 saal hi hue the dua karo allah usse baksh de lacchar ho kar apni bimari se haar kar usne ye step utaya badi ammi bohat ro the hai please dua karo mere liye bi aur mere cousin ke liye bhi please bhai

  29. aj zohr se asar k darmiyan dua kboliyat ka time hai jo dua maange inshallah kabol hogi please mere liye dua karo muje dua ki bohat jarurat hai please bhai allah k vaaste mere liye dua karo.

    • INSHALLAH main bhi karungi aj namaz e zohar mummy ke sath ijtema main ja rahi hu saal main sirf ek baar hota hai ye ijtema bombay main hai half day lekar jaungi aur ha ek acchi khabar hai farhan ki chachi ka beta jo hamare pass tution aata tha vo kal se fir aa raha hai allah ne mere ye dua kbol kar di aap please apni is behen ke liye dua karna

  30. INSHALLAH main bhi karungi aj namaz e zohar mummy ke sath ijtema main ja rahi hu saal main sirf ek baar hota hai ye ijtema bombay main hai half day lekar jaungi aur ha ek acchi khabar hai farhan ki chachi ka beta jo hamare pass tution aata tha vo kal se fir aa raha hai allah ne mere ye dua kbol kar di aap please apni is behen ke liye dua karna

  31. INSHA ALLAH main bhi karungi allah ne mere ek dua kabol kar li farhan ki chachi ka beta kal se mere pass tution fir aa raha hai aj bombay main ijtema hai saal main sirf ek baar hota hai mummy ke sath jaungi ijteme main aap plz dono kutbah ke darmiyan aur asar aur magrib ke darmiyan hamare liye dua karo dua kboliyat ka waqt hai plz

        • bhai jo bhi bura bhala unse kaha tha vo sab kuch yaad aa raha hai allah se apni galtiyuo ki maafi maang rahi hu aansu nahi tham rahe hai unhe dekne ke liye taras gayi hu allah bohat naraz hai mujhse bohat buri hu main

          • allah ki narazgi kaise dur karo astaghfar aur darood shareef pad rahi hu kya karo bhai mere maddad karo bohat laachar hu unse milna chahti hu maafi magna chahti hu lekin kuch nahi kar sakti hu allan mere madad kar do plz aapko mere nabi ka vaasta hai allah

          • bhai mere galtiyon ke wajhse aaj mera ye haal hai maine khud ko tabah kar diya bohat taklif di hai unhe isliye to aaj vo mujhe dekna tak nahi chahte bhai main kya karu

  32. Assalam alikum bhai
    jumma mubarak
    dua main yaad rakna bohat jarurat hai dua ki please allah ke vaaste dua karo mere liye apni jindagi main kabi aise din nahi dekhe hai maine kabi itni taklif nahi hui kabi itne anso nahi aaye ankho main jisse pyar karti hu vo mujhe dekna nahi chahte hai allah reham kar do jindagi ka aakhiri mauka de do gunaho ki bakshish de do mere nabi ke sadqe wasileh please dua karo mere liye

  33. Assalam alikum bhai,

    aap ne jo tilawat karne ko diya hai vo kya main pure din main thoda thoda karke pad sakti hu mere timing schedule adjust nahi ho pa raha isliye main kya thoda thoda har namaz ke baad tilawat karo lekin sure ek din main complete kar lungi inshallah ameen summa ameen please reply bhai

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  35. Assalam alikum bhai jumma mubarak bohat taklif main hu dua karo mere liye aur har musalman ke liye please bhai

  36. BHAI aap ko kuch batana hai from last few days main jab bhi namaz padti hu ya fir dua mangti hu aur vaise bhi normal mere ankho se white light (roshni) nikalti hai mujhe kuch samaj main nahi aa raha hai aaj bhi namaz ke liye khadi hui to vaise hi ankho se white light nikli bhai aap kuch bata sakte ho iske baare main kya please reply karo mujhe lagta hai allah mujhse naraz hai main unhe bohat din se dekna chah rahi hu lekin vo kahi bhi dikh nahi rahe hai allah ki narazagi kaise dur karo please mujhe jaldi reply do bhai please allah ke vaaste

  37. aap ne jo tilawat karne ko diya hai vo kya main pure din main thoda thoda karke pad sakti hu mere timing schedule adjust nahi ho pa raha isliye main kya thoda thoda har namaz ke baad tilawat karo lekin sure ek din main complete kar lungi inshallah ameen summa ameen please reply bhai

  38. bhai assalam alikum,

    last week maine unhe dekha allah ne mere dua kabol ki please mere liye dua karo please bhai allah ke vaaste plesae

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    • i dont have net facility at my home i have to go cyber for the same when i vil get time i vil inshallah do it bhai lekin maine ek din khatam khwajgan ko ek din main thoda thoda pada tha aapka matlab ek hi time baith kar complete karna hoga mujhe please reply

      • walekum as salam bhai,

        nahi bhai abhi tak to kuch nahi hua hai allah bohat strict test le rahe hai humne khatam khwajgan ki tilawat shuru kar di hai lekin pure din main thodi thodi tilawat kar ke hum khatam khwajgan ki tilawat kar rahe hai dua karo ki mere har tilawat allah kabol kar le aur mujhe maaf kar ke mera farhan lauta de aapko rabbiawwal mubarak please hamare liye is afzal month main dua karein please bhai allah ke vaaste hamare liye dua kare

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  42. shukriya reply ka main koshish karungi ki main ek hi siiting main baith bar complete karo insha allah bas aap hamare liye dua kariye aur app apne cousin ko bhi kahiye ki vo khwaja garib nawaz ki dargah main hamre liye dua kare please bhai allah ke vaaste dua karie

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  45. any way for mint to “learn” where you’d like to categorize a transaction? Currently, I have to load up the app, wait, see my money go down, then search through the categories until i find the one with a transaction in the wrong spot, then re-categorize it… my OTHER budget app only requires i input each transaction and price manually, at least i don’t have to go digging first :/ any tips? the app seems to have very limited settings from what I see.Thanks in advance!

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  50. bhai ek fariyad hai kya aap fir se apne cousin ko bol kar mere liye dargah main dua kar wa sakte ho please bhai reply karo

  51. I am hopeless and tired being jobless for long time, I am might commit suicide in a day or two as i have no money to pay the rent of my house and now being threatened to to be evicted.

  52. jumma mubarak bhai please mere liye dua karo aap ne apne cousin se mere liye dargah main dua karwai bhai please reply

  53. meri age 22 hai . mra naam nida hai ,walida ka naam shaista
    mre left leg main pain hai sciatica ka. mujhay buht taklieef hai . baraye meherbani mujhay koi dua batayen aur mre liye dua karain .. hum sab buhat pareshan hain

    • As-salamu-alaykum sister Nida, Please do not worry. visit this link and recite this sciatica dua every day and more and more and blow on your both hand then spread your hand on the whole leg which is paining, do this regulary for some days. InshaAllaah your sciatica pain will be cured.

      Bismillah to join your brothers website, enter your email in blank row right hand side and then verify through clicking on verification email in your inbox.

      Jazakallaah kum Khairiyan,

    • As-salamu-alaykum !

      As-salatu-was-salaamu-alayka-Ya Rasoolullaah

      Apne bhai ko yad karne k liye shukriya,

      Eating or drinking directly after performing Wudu’ and before Salah does not invalidate Wudu’, and there is no problem in doing so, unless you eat camel’s meat, as this invalidates Wudu’.

      As for mutton, beef, game, and other lawful meats, they do not invalidate Wudu’. It is only camel meat that invalidates Wudu’, according to what the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Perform Wudu’ after eating camel meat, but do not perform Wudu’ after eating mutton.” A man asked the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) saying, “Should I perform Wudu’ after eating mutton.” He (peace be upon him) said, “If you wish, perform Wudu’; and if you do not wish, do not perform Wudu’.” The man then asked, “Should I perform Wudu’ after eating camel meat.” He (peace be upon him) replied, “Yes, perform Wudu’ after eating camel meat.” (Related by Muslim in his “Sahih [Book of Authentic Hadith]”)

      Touching strangers after Wudu’ needs to be clarified in detail. A woman is not allowed to touch men who are strangers if they are non-Mahrams (not a spouse or an unmarriageable relative). However, if it happens that she touches a man’s hands or feet, this does not invalidate her Wudu’. The same applies if a woman touches her brother’s, father’s or uncle’s hand or kisses their head, nose, etc., this does not invalidate Wudu’ either.
      However, as for non-Mahrams, a woman is not allowed to touch their hands, shake hands with them, or touch any part of their body, nor are they allowed to touch her. She should only greet them, verbally, such as by saying: “How are you?” “As-salamu ‘alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh (May Allah’s Peace, Mercy, and Blessings be upon you!)” “How are your children and family?” and so on, without shaking hands, revealing her face, or having any form of physical contact. In fact it is obligatory that she should cover her face, hair, and body, and only greet men verbally, as previously mentioned.

      Jaza kallaah kum khairiya,


  54. Assalam alikum bhai,
    hum zarmin, jumma mubarak bhai,
    please mere liye dua karo bhai farhan ko allah ke karam se daily dekh ri hu 2 din pehle tu hum dono ki nazar bi mil gayi 4 months ke baad unhone mujhe dekha shayad allah chahte the ki vo mujhe dekhe bohat ghabrahat hoti hai har waqt allah se maafi mang rahi hu ek chance maang rahi hu apna farhan maang rahi hu kal to aisa laga jaise mere saanse ruk jayenge please mere liye dua karo allah muj par reham kar de mummy bi mere liye dua karte hai mujhe job ka bi problem hai ghar ke pass college main teaching ki job karna chahti hu monday ko jaongi application lekar dua karo ki mujhe ghar ke karib teaching ki job lag jaye main bohat mushkil main hu bhai, please allah se is lazar ke liye dua karo

  55. im mahesh mere pitajji ko paralyise hua hai wo chal nahi pate aur meri tankha nahi badti plz mere liye dua karna meri shadi jaldi ho jaye mein abhi 15 march ko ajmer aaya tha

  56. Aasalam alikum bhai,

    hum zarmin main monday se 30th april tak leave par hu mcom part 1 ke exams hai mere farhan ke bi exams chal rahe hai tybcom ke aap please hamare liye pray karo ki allah hum dono ko kamyabi de mere aunty ki mannat hai to vo ajmer jane ka plan kar rahi hai shayad hamari mummy bi jayenge dua karo ki hun bi waa aa sake aur khud dargah main dua kare mere job ke liye bi pray karo 30th april ko bulaya hai bohat thak gayi hu main aur weak bi ho gayi hu please allah se mere liye dua karo bhai allah hafiz

    • Walekum salam,
      Insha Allah, I will pray, infact I am praing for you both everyday in the morning. So do not worry. Ghareeb Nawaz will surely call you towards him.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

  57. Assalamalaikum I m married since 3 years. But after marriage I came to know that my husband already have his first wife. I faced lots of problems even I had to stay alone in one flat. He used to come very rarely to me. Still I managed everything and told him to treat both of us equally. But since 1 year I m staying with my father and he is not willing to come to me even not sending me any money. Recently I came to know that he also has a son with first wife. When I was pregnant he aborted my child. He is totally avoiding me. Plz dear brothers and sisters pray for me that my husband should come to me and give me all rights and treat me equally. JazakAllah.

    • Walekum as-salam Sister,

      Thanks a lot for sharing your such a grievious issue with me. I am fortunate if I can help you in any way. Kindly first of all please follow the website by entering your email id and verification text in the bismillah to join box in the right hand side bar of the site. Also, verify your email by clicking on the mail that you will receive in your inbox fro

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,
      Allah Hafiz,

      AL-Imran Raza

      • Please tell me the problems first may be on phone or through email, skype, yahoo messenger wechat or anytoher that you have. Only then I can make dua for .
        Also confirm you that have you followed the website.


      • Har dane par “ya lateefu”
        Ek tasbi me 129 dane dale jaye aur woh tasbi 129 bar padhi jaye aur ek tasbi ke baad “la tudrikuhul absaaru wahuwwa yudrikul absaara wahuwwa al-lateeful khabeer”. ye aayat ko 3 baar padhkar jo maqsad ho woh ek baar zuban se kehkar phir “ya lateefu” ki tasbi shuru ki jaye lekin nihayat hoshyari se ye amal padha jaye agar kam ya jyada hogi taseer badal jayegi. inshalla aap kamyab ho.

  58. Assalamwalaikum bhai bhai meri prbm ye hai ki mai ek ladke ko mbt krti hu usse shadi bhi krna chahti hu but ab wo kisi aur se shadi kr rha h m bahut hi presan hu mai uske bina zinda nhi rah skti hu plz koi rasta hme btaie bhai

  59. Assalamalaikum, I m married since 3 years. But after marriage I came to know that my husband already have his first wife. I faced lots of problems even I had to stay alone in one flat. He used to come very rarely to me. Still I managed everything and told him to treat both of us equally. But since 1 year I m staying with my father and he is not willing to come to me even not sending me any money. Recently I came to know that he also has a son with first wife. When I was pregnant he aborted my child. He is totally avoiding me. Plz dear brothers and sisters pray for me that my husband should come to me and give me all rights and treat me equally. JazakAllah.

    • As-salamu-Alaykum Sister!

      I apologize for the late reply, but I generally remain busy all the time sue to this website. Sister, I have found a very important wazifa to get your husband’s love for you. Meanwhile, I request you to please follow your brother’s website. Just go to and enter your email address in the Bismillah to join box in the right hand side on the website. Then check your email, and click on the link that you will recieve in your inbox, this is to verify your email id.
      Please do not forget to follow.

      I am forwarding a wazifa for your problem.
      This wazifa only women can do and only for a husband.
      Take 2 almonds and after Esha Salah put them in your mouth. On your tongue, not under your tongue.
      Imagine your husband and read Darood/Salavat 11 times. Then read only this part of Ayat no 39 from Quran chap 16, Surah Taha, 500 times like this:
      “Wa alkaito alika muhabba tan minni va le nus aa ala ainee”.
      This is the last bit of ayet no 39. You will read only this part not the whole ayet.
      Read it 100 times then take out the almonds and do a dam (blow) on them. Do not clean them at all.
      Put hem back in your mouth and start reading again.
      On every 100 you will take them out and do a dam(blow) on them and put them back in your mouth. So in total you will do a dam 5 times.
      When you finish the wazifa put them safely in a clean piece of paper and wrap them. Again do not clean them no matter how wet they are.
      You will do this Wazifa for exactly 5 days only. You will do a dam(blow) on same almonds each day.
      Do not remove the saliva from the almonds at all and do not clean them.
      After 5 days somehow make him eat them. But do not put them in any thing hot. Neither bring them near to fire.
      Best is to cook some thing which is cold and put them inside it or inside anything sweet. He will fall in love with you instantly. While reading keep the meaning of the ayet and your hajat in your mind. That you want your husband to fall in love with you. You can put his photo in front of you to help you imagine his face.

      Your brother,
      Bismillah to join..

  60. Masha ALLAH very good website and may ALLAH bless u for helping his people and ju bhi jiske ju bhi problem hai ALLAH usko solve kare have a full faith in ALLAH I will make dua for everyone of u

  61. Assalamu alaikum, pls make dua for me. I am facing several hardships in both my professional as well as personal life. Request you all to make dua for me to Allah(Subhanahu wata Ala) to offer me help and guidance to get rid of all these issues.


  62. Assalamwalaikum bhai bhai meri prbm ye hai ki mai ek ladke ko mbt krti hu usse shadi bhi krna chahti hu.please dua kry .k hmri shadi ho jaey .usk ar mary gr waly man jaey .

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  64. “assalam alyekum”
    bhaijan meri ek married sister hai par unke mariage life bahut disturb hai sister or unke 3 childrens bhi hai per meri saister ke husand ka dusri aurat ke saath realtion hai or wo ab meri sister or bacchon ko pyar nahi karte hain or unks dhyan bhi nahi rakhte hai.or meri sister ko bahut baar marte bhi hain or yeh problem picchle 8-10 years se chal rehi hai hum ek se ek Alim ke paas chale gayen hain par khuch bhi result nahi nikla hai to aap plz bhaijan hme khuch accha strong wazeefa ya fir koi aise chezz batayen jisse sari pareshaniyan dur ho jaye plzz bhai jan jaldi realy dene ki kosish kariyega mujhe mere ek friend se aapki is site ke bare me batya tha or kaha tha ki me yeh problem aapse consult karun to plzz bhajiaan help for my sister…

  65. Wow, incredible blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is wonderful, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about Make Dua For Me | YAALLAH .

  66. Me and my beloved are in a relationship from 11 years, now she was out of the station for her study, we often have some small fight but not serious. We love too much love to each other but now their is a guy who is not Muslim who misguided her and want her as her beloved. He told her very bad thing about me to her. He told her I always lie to her etc. Then she start fighting with me but we were talking, In all this I am very frustrated and worried so One day i request my parents to do something that I can forget her so my parents goes to some molana who knows Sipli Ilm,This molana ask them one of my photograph, my shirt and also ask 3 pigeon. My parents provide them my photo and shirt and I don’t know whether he provide him pigeon or not.

    After this she suddenly stop talking with me, she never pickup my phone, she has change her number too.

    I am in very trouble now I can concentrate on anything, I thought with the time I will forget her but I couldn’t. It is increasing with the time, now I use to weep all the day. Reading all namaz with Tahjjud,asking forgiveness to Allah for all my sins ,doing many wazeefa but nothing is helping to me.

    Please tell me what should I do, because without her I can’t live, now I am thinking about suicide.

    Please help me.

  67. asak,i hav 1 beautiful daughter,im dying to have a baby really getting very depressed as there is a lot of social pressure on me.plzzzzzzzzzz tell me some wazifa for having a son.i will be really veryyyyyyy grateful to u if u cud be the zaria by allah to solve my problem which is killing me every moment.

  68. Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is wonderful, let alone the content!. Thanks For Your article about Make Dua For Me | YAALLAH .

  69. thnx a lot bhai.i wish allah fulfills my desire .inshallah meri dua poori hone per aapko gud news zaroor dungi aur mulaqat bhi karungi.thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx once again

  70. Wow, awesome blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is excellent, let alone the content!. Thanks For Your article about Make Dua For Me | YAALLAH .

  71. Assalaamualaikum,meri problem ye hai ki mere ek cousin jo mere se age may 2 saal k chote hai aur mere khaala k pothra hai unhey pasand karti hun magar jab vo mere ghar rishta laaye tho main darr gayee thi aur main nai boldi uss rishte k liye uss wajah se bahoth ladayee hue humlog jab unke ghar k khareeb rehthe thay ab wahan se aagaye unke gharwale bhi muj par jhoote ilzaam lagaye tho maine gusse may unlog k kuch ayb zahir kardiye mujhe ab ehsaas hua ki main uss se mohabbat karti hun aur shaadi karna chahthi hun magar vo sab mere se mere gharwalo se nafrat karte main chahtiun ki mere pe se sab jhoote ilzam hut jaaye aur unke ghar wale rishta laaye sab rishte wapis jud jaaye sab nafrat mitt jaye aur mera nikah unnse ho jaaye plz main nasamajh hun mere se galthi hui ab plz sab theek ho kar mera nikah unnse ho jaye koi wazeefa bathaye

    • As-salamu-alaykum Sister,

      Nobody deleted your comment, you have some wrong belief. Regarding your problem. I would like to suggest you to go to page “Taweezat for you” page on this website. You can also pick a category “Important Wazaif” or search in the search box. You have scroll down and if you didn’t find in the last, just click on the “read the rest of this entry” or “continue reading”.
      I would suggest you to that is you need this special wazaif in your email inbox, then please follow the website. To confirm please click on the click that you had received.

      Jaza kallah,

      Al Imran

  72. dear brother, this is very fantastic side nd u r doing very well job. allah bless u inshaallah…..

  73. bhai, allah bless u. u r doing such a nice job. this is very lovely site.. mery dua aapke sath hai.aamin

  74. aoa.plz bhai mry liye dua kry k main js larky ko chati hn meri shadi us k sath ho jaey .ar mry parents man jaey .plzz mry liye hr namz k bd dua kijeay ga main boht boht boht pereshan hn. main us larky ko boht chati hn .wo 5 wqat ka namazi hai .main usy khona ni chati plzz bhai mery liye dua kry .main boht pereshan hn .mery liye dua kry plzzzz allah ap ko ajar day ga .ameen


    maine aapko meri family problem batai thi.main mere shoher k gharwalo ko lekar bahot pareshan hui,wo log mere shoher aur mujse bahot zagada karte hai. wo log chahte h k mai aur mere shoher alag ho jaye. itna hone k baad bhi mere shoher wo logo se nazadikiya badhate h.main kaise samazao unhe k wo log unke liye thik nani h.mai bahot pareshan rahti hu, plzzzzzz meri help kijiye, muje wazifa chahiye k mere shoher unke family se dur ho jaye.main wo logo se panah chahti hu,,plz meri madat kijiye bhai.i am waiting for dua………….

  76. bhai, aapka bahot bahot shukriya, allah aapki har khwahish puri kare, meri dua hamesha aapke sath hai. inshaallah…..
    thanks once again. mera kam hone per aapko bataungi inshaallah……..i will do that wazifa… tk cr my brother

    allah aap ko aur aapki puri family ko har khushi denge…inshaallah

    allah in sab ko behtar sehat aur nek hidayat naseeb farma

  78. Asalam-wa-alikum Bhai

    Mai aur mere husband ke bich mei bahut problemds hai abhi, aur unke family aur cousins chahate hai ke wo mujhe chor de . Bhai mujhe kuch wazaifa batao jis se mere husband mere saath aur mere bacho ke saath ache se rahe aur sirf humari baat mane. Plz meri madat ki jiye ?

  79. Asalam-wa-alikum Bhai

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    • Walekum Assalam Sister!

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    • As-salamu-alaykum dear sister,

      Please follow and and do not beg to me but to Allah Azzawajal. Please visit both the sites and take benefits not for your entire family but for the whole muslim community.

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  109. Assalamu Alaikum. Me chahati hoon ke duniya our akhirat me kamyabi palu. mujhe kya karna hoga. our me kitna koshish karne ke bavajud mere shohar mujhse shak karte hy. phir kehte hy ki me mazak kiya. e unki inn sare baton se bahoot pareshan hoon. aap mujhe batiye ki me kya karoon. me allah se dua kar rahi hoon ke o unke iss shaitan dimag se bahar aajaye. plz help me…….

    • YAC #0823
      As-salamu-alaykum dear sister,

      If you are not a follower please do follow and and do not beg to me but to Allah Azzawajal. Please visit both the sites and take benefits not for your entire family but for the whole muslim community.
      Please see the below wazifa:

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    or kia me isthakara karun apni shadi k lye ? ALLAH apko jaza den ge mere lye dua kijye plz

    • As-salamu-alaykum sister,
      Ye wazifa jari rakhe, par or thode din tak dekhe. Uske bad dobara mujhse yaha rabta kare agar farq na ho to.
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    Please take care of the numbers, the number of times you have to read.

    1. Make a fresh Wudoo.

    2. Durood/Salavat 3 times, then

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    3. Durood/Salavat 3 times

    ya ye wala hai ..

    Another Wazifa for Marriage of your Choice:

    After every Isha prayer or before going to sleep, read 41 times Ayat ul Kursi, 11 times Durood shareef in the starting and in the end.

    ya ye wala..
    1- Keep a Roza (fast) on a Thursday.

    2- On Thursday, wake up after midnight, make a wudu‘, offer two rak`ats.

    3- Write on a piece of paper below verse 9:129
    فَإِن تَوَلَّوْاْ فَقُلْ حَسْبِيَ اللّهُ لا إِلَـهَ إِلاَّ هُوَ عَلَيْهِ تَوَكَّلْتُ وَهُوَ رَبُّ الْعَرْشِ الْعَظِيمِ

    4- Recite it (30) thirty times. Each time you recite it, say the below du`a:
    اللهُمَّ أَعْطِفْ قَلْبَ فُلانِ بْنِ فُلانَة عَلَى فُلانة بِنتِ فُلانة

    Allahumma a`tif qalba Fulan(a) [name of beloved] ibne/binte Fulana [his/her mother’s name] `ala Fulan(a) [your name] ibne/binte Fulana [your mother’s name].

    If name of his/her mother is not known say Hawwa’ حَوَّاء.

    5- Wrap it up carefully and tie it on your right arm or shoulder like a ta`wiz.

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  117. salam bhai mai ne aap ko pehle bhi msg kia tha.apni bhabhi anila bintr shagufta k bare mai.un ki waja se meri ami aor baki ghr wale bht pareshan waqt tang krti hai.mrri ami ne pehle he bht pareshaniyan kati hen ab yrh aik nai agai hai pateshan krne k eaqt bhai ko tang krti hai u pr shak krti haisiwae apne baanao singhar k us ko kisi ki fikr nai.plz istikhara kr k k9 woh tang krna band kr de

  118. Hi i was bullied by my manager as i always stood up for right so i handed my notice in. Its my family wedding next year i have two children, im reading namaz now and my husband does too. Im in great financial crisis. I dont want compensation or haram money but my own hard earned money. Please pray for me and my family i have another job but the manager once again is creating problems regarding reference. Im sure we have taweez magic effect on us too. Plz plz brothers and sisters of Islam do dua for this stressed out sister…

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  120. salam how are you i want wzeefa for love marriage we r in relation from last 3 years but ab larkhy k parents nae maan rhy please tell me sum wazeefa nd make special dua for us

  121. AoA ive tried massaging you I don’t know if you got my messgae or not.

    I am a Muslim girl living in England I want to marry someone who lives in Pakistan but oskai father reject karrai hai bcuz I live in England. Please tell me which wazifa I should read so that his father agrees to it. please help me.


  122. i want to know the meaning of the dua to cure vitiligo which is posted on this site and also the reference from where it is taken

  123. assalamulekum..bhai mein bohot praysha hu plz mere aur mere ghar k logo k liye dua kare aur krwaye allah sab ki maad krne wala hai…bhai meri ghar mein meri badi bhn ki badi mushkil se shaadi hue thi aur usko kuch he dino m talak ho gaye..aur ab shaadi nahi ho rahi 35 saal ki ho gae hai wo bhai aur meri umar 3saal hai 9 saal tak ek rishta rha wo bhi tut gya ab mein ek ladke ko pasand krti hu wo 3 saal bad shaadi se inkar kar rha hai aur khi aur shaai kar rha hai mehrbani kar k mere liye dua btaey aur dua kijy ki wo ladka mujhse shaadi kar le bhai mere ghar mein ham behn bhaiyo mein bohot ladaeya hoti hai income ka koi zariya bhi nahi hi bhai jo kam krte hai usme karaz dar ho gaye hai education sab k pass hai per ghar k hala nahi sudhar rahe bhai ham logo ne bachpan se bohot tklife uthae hai bhai ab duniya esle bhi behuda bate khte hai kkuch kijy bohot mushkil mein hu..jaldi btaey ki meri us ladke se shaadi ho jaye…aur meri bhn ki bhi acchi jgha hdi ho jaye elteza hai jaldi kijy ga

        • bhai ladkiya 40 din tak kaise padh sakti hai…kya ladkiya napaki ki halat mein bhi padh sakti hai

        • assalamulekum…bhai nadeali ko 1000 baar mein sari nmazo mein padh rahi hu kya yeh zaruri hai ki ek he dafa beth kar padha jaye ..aur bhai napaki ki halat mein kya padh sakte hai aur ek wazifa hai make impossible to possible usko janamaz per beth kar he padne ka kha hua h mujhe dar lgta hai wo jaldi khi shaadi kr lenge es liye mein bina janamaz k he wo amal padh rahi hu kya mujhe gunah hoga…bhai meri ammi bohot namaz kuraan padhti hai phir bhi hmare ghar k halat bohot bure hote ja rahe hai..bhai kya aap ham 3 bhn bhaiyo ki shaadi bandh di gae hai aur rozgar bhi kaise es sab se nikla jaye etne bure halat ko dekh kar ghbra jate hai to allah se shikayat hoti hai kya ap estekhara kar k bta sakte hai ki hmare ghar mein kya ho rha hai..bhai phle bhi mera rishta 9 saal ek ladke se rh kar tut gya tha ab yha bhi 3 saal bad wo apne ammi abbu ki pasand ki ladki se shaadi krna chahte hai bhai dua kijy ga es baar mere sath kuch bura na ho aur esi ldke se meri shaadi ho jaye….bhai aisa koi amal btaye ki wo mere alawa kisi aur se shaadi na kare..

      • bhai mein apni baji ko unki shadi k liye nade ali 110 btana chahti hu aur sajde mein magrib k waqt 129 ya latifu bhai jab meri baji ka talak hua to to unhone bohot kalma kalam padh te bohot dua ki per unke shohar nahi aaye unka yakin utha gya hai her cheez se esi trha mere chote bhai ka bhi halat ko dekh kar kae baar aap samajh sakte honge ..bhai mere chote bhai razi hai wnka market mein bohot paisa ruk gya hai koi aisa wazifa ki wo log bhai ka paisa de de…bhai hmare halat bohot he bure hote ja rahe hai shayad mein samjha nahi pau..ham log apne gunaho ki mafi mangte rhte h..shayad ap samajh paye ham..plz help

      • assalamulekum…bhai meri ammi ne istekhara kiya tha hmare ghar k liye ki yeh sab kyou ho rha hai per ham logo ko kuch theek se pta nahi chal saka…

      • assalamulekum..bhai mein jin se shaadi krna chahti hu unhone mujhe se baat krna band kar diya hai bhai koi wazifa btaye ki wo mujhe se baat krne lag jaye aur bohot pyaar aur izzat se baat kare..bhai mere liye dua kijy ga meri shaadi esi ladke se ho jaye jisko mein pasand krti hu

        • bhai ham sab ghar wale bohot ghbra gaye hai….halat se mein janti hu khudkhushi krna bohot bda gunah hai per ham log aur zyada din in halat ko dekh nai paynge…ghar mein koi ek nahi jis k sath accha ho rha ho ghar mein sab k sab bimar khushiya dekhe huwe ek arsa ho gya…allah per pura charose hai ki ek din sab zrur theek ho ga..per wo din aate aate ham log zinda he na rahnge…meri ammi ki umar 65 ho gae halat dekhte dekhte allah se dua kijy ham logo k liye ki plz bhai

          • asslamulekum…bhai mujhe kuch samajh nahi aarha ghar key halat aur meri apni prayshani..ghar mein sab etne prayshan hai to unk samne apna hal bta kar ya chup kar ro bhi nahi sakti meri ammi ,baji es baare m jante hai per unko apni koi tklif bta kar unhe prayshan nahi krna chahti q i wo phle se he payshan hai mein apni janib se kisi ko tklif nahi dena chahti….bhai unhone mujh se baat krna band kar diya hai mera rishta unse bilkul pak hai..bas mein unhe bohot pyaar krti hu aur khona nahi chahti…phle jo rishta tuta 9 saal reh kar us mein bhi mene bohot sabar se kam liya shaadi key 4 din phle un logo ne shaadi se he inkar kar diya tha..aur ab y sab bhai wo mujhe se ab nafrat zahir krte mein uhne tklif na ho es wjha se phone bhi nahi krti bas kabhi dil ghbrata hai to badi bhen k naam se unhe msg kar k unka hal jan leti hu..mera sabar khatam ho rha hai…plz bhai muhe btaye mein kya karu…unk ghar wale unke liye khi aur ladki dekh re hai wo jaldi i kahi aur shaadi kar lenge..bhai yha agar possible nahi to ap mujhe mail mein plz tafsir se kuch bta de koi wazifa bta de….dua kijy please

          • assalamulekum..bhai jo baat khne ja rahi hu allah mujhe maf kare.garib nwaz se bhi mafi mangti hu aur aap se bhi…bhai kisi ki prayshani ka msg apk blog per padha mene apne garib nwaz ki dargah per jaka dua ki apna..bhai ek swal ka jwab taey aajj mein 30 saal ki hu meri badi behn 35 ki chote bhai 27 saal k hai..ammi ki umr63 ki hai..ham log bachpan se aise halat dekhy hai ki byan krna mushkil hai..hmare abbu es duniya mein nahi hai allah unko jannat naseeb kare unhone shuru se he behad zulm kiye ham per aur hamri ammi per tab se ab tak sabar kiya ham sab ne..ham log jha rhte hai wha se khwaja garib nwaz sirf 3 ghante ki duri per hai ham log her baar jakar halat k liye dua ki ammi ne ham betiyo ki shaadi ki dua ki..her trha ki mannt mangi..roye wha jakar her trha se dua ki per aj bhi halat apk samne hai..ham sab sab se bda bhai hai wo apni biwi ko lekar india se bhar chala gya..rishtedar had se zyada prayshan kar rahe hai…ham log mante hai koi to gunah hua hai per allah to bda rahim aur maf krne wala hai wo hmari sza khatam kyou nahi kar rha..aisa koi ganda alfaz nahi hai jo ham behno ne abbu ya rishtedaro se na suna ho phir bhi ammi ki di hue parwarish per chalte rahe…garib nwaz k bete ki dargah per gaye sarwad sharif wha bhi dua ki per kuch nahi hua…..ap btaey kuch kijy bhai plz

          • bhai plz mujhe jaldi reply dijy..aur agar koi galti ho gaye hoto mujhe maf kar dijy ga

          • bhai apne aj jwab nahi diya…mene koi galti ho gaye hoto mujhe maf kar dijy ga

    • assalamulekum…bhai mein shuru kar dungi… aisa koi wazifa btaye ki mein jihne pasand kri hu unse meri shaadi hojaye..

  124. assalamulekum…bhai mein nade ali shuru krna chhti hu mujhe ijazaat de padhne ki mein jis ladke se shaadi krna chahti hu us se mari shadi ho jaye wo khi aur shaadi kar rha hai mehrbani kar k meri jaldi madad kijy…mujhe koi amal btaey jaldi aur kitni baar padhna hai bhai jaldi btaey ga

    • On Google write “MAKE DUA FOR ME” Hit enter and then click “”
      Walekum as salam,

      Sare wazifa pad sakte hai ijazat ke baghair.

      Jaza kallah khair,

      • bhai bohot bohot shukriya…bhai ek baat aur punchni thi apse glat ho to ma kijy ga..bhai jis trha mein hu us trha bohot sare log her trha ki prayshaniyo mein hai aur unk pas na internet hai na education hai jis se ki wo yha aakar apki website per search kar sake..bhai kya jin logo k baare m mein janti hu ya kabhi kisi ki koi prayshani sunu to kya mein apki website se dekh kar unhe bta sakte hai koi dua aur wazifa..mein es liye punch rahi hu ki masha allah yha her prayshani aur her bimari ki liye duay aur wazife hai….

        • A request- on Google type “yaALLAH Make Dua For Me” hit enter and then click on
          As salamu alaykum,

          Kyu nahi, bilkul ap bata sakte hai jis kisi ko bhi zarurat ho kisi bhi tarah ke wazaif, dua ya aur mashwire ki to ap mujhse puch sakti hai unke bare mein. Ya fir ke ap khud hi yaha se dekh kar unhe bata sakti hai. Apko bhi insha ALLAH savab-e-Jariya milega. Ye to waqayi bhot achhi bat hai.

          Jaza kALLAH khair,

  125. It’s really nice and halpfull jazak Allah kum khair may Allah Azzawajall keep you and your loved ones happy healthy ameen

  126. In your words: Assalaam alaikum. My NAme is munira.I live in mumbai. my date of birth is 12 jan 1986.Mothers name is Nourlain ansari..I am trying to read al the possibe duas .is it that i am reading so many duas so its like or wat i dont know..suggest me a soution wat should i do dat all my duas are answered..i tried everything ..please make dua for me….i reay want allah to shower his blessings on me ..and all my duas to be answered miracuousy…mujhe alah ki razamandi chahiye…sach mein..mujhe bharosa hai ke allah meri har dua poori karenge ..koi rasta nikalenge …please make dua for me or suggest a dua which wi l reay be effective for me for all my matters.and it will create miracles.i really want to see allah’s Happiness in my life..send me an email on my email id and not facebook plz regarding a solution…pray for me..its a beautiful month of ramzan…i realy want to come out of this situation and be happy forever…i want alah to shower his blessings on me such that it overflows in my life..i have read most of the duas please help me with a perfect solution that wil guaranteed be effective for me and all my desires wil be fufilled ,work wi be done ,i wil get reief and come out of a the difficulties..and also te me dat if i read a dua or wazaif can i read it along with othe dua or wazaif ..wat is the method ….make dua for me in the name of allah subhanahu wa ta ala
    Phone: redacted

  127. I am in agreement with pretty much everything that you mentioned entirely! Excellent website document! ceceadfbcedb

  128. salam
    mai aur sab gher waly ak jaga shaddi ki khawahish rakhy hyn
    lakin larky k father nai manty, 2 saal se ziada ho gia hy,
    mainy istikhara kia k, kia wo mery haq mai behter hy , aur kia is mai Allah ki raza hy?
    tou khawab mai dekha k hamari shaddi ho jati hy aur sab khush thy,

    koi wazifa bata dyn k us larky k father man jaye, aur jadi nikah ho jaye
    mery parent meri shaddi aur age ko lay ker parechan hyn

  129. Asalaamalikum brother I wanted to get some duas on being a better person being successful in life getting s good decent job, without being involved in any haram things. I also want to no if there’s anything else I can do to make Allah happy and be a pious person.

  130. Assalamu alaikum… Mujhe abi tak koi reply nahi mila… Main bahut pareshan hoon… Mujhse nahi ho raha… Isliye bar bar comment kar rahi hoon… Plz koi solution jaldi bata dijiye… Mera help kijiye… Mere paas zyada waqt nahi hai isliye main jaldbazi kar rahi hoon… Main usse khona nahi chahthi mera help kijiye plz… :(

  131. My Selif nadim Khan From rajasthan my job is very far from my home where no sunni muslim present. i want to work near my home town please make dua for me. and give me any wazaif

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