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For all those loving brothers and sisters with their support, yaALLAH.in has achieved the higher rankings ALHAMDULILLAH. I am really very grateful primarily to ALLAH Zille Shanahu and to HIS Beloved Messenger Muh’ammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam and then to the visitors who keeps visiting yaALLAH.in every day without any absence. Their consistent interactions with me gave me a high morale to work hard every second. Now, I hardly gets time for my personal life but I am glad that I am contributing at least something in the way of ALLAH Zille Shanahu.

yaallah.in muhar

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Thanx for response. But am a girl, and your sister not brother…:-)

My present wing includes field work [ being girl it was difficult for me to manage it] and i wanted some office post.

some one said that its bcoz of black magic you are on this post.
Mean time i followed your website and got this wazifa.

suddenly i got call from Bangalore[head office] and they asked if am interested to work on tcsd wing (the post which i wanted). I said yes and sent my request letter.

I had done this wazifa during September and on 09.10.2014 i got my transfer orders.

All officers were shocked to see this. Bcoz it never happened before in my company. Generally for such transfers we need to spend 2lacks and i got it free of cost. Also transfers are done in the month of April but i got it as soon as i did wazifa.
Its like miracle for me. And it proved nothing is impossible if Allah is with us…:-)

Thank u soooooo much YaAllah.in….:-)

I will be waiting for the wazifa for my relieve.

Thanx once again…:-)


welcome back sir,was thinking all of a sudden why the email stopped coming…im following the wazifa on acne .i got no pimples on my face..may allah subhanhu watallah guide you always !


Mashhaalha gd work ur….take care. My muslim bhaiyo



Meine job k liye wajifa kiya tha aap hi k site pe padhkar.. muje naya job mila bhi.. shukranallah.. lekin muje 2 month hue hai join kar ke. Aur kaam ka load itna hai ki extra duty karni padhti hai.aurholidays pe kaam pe jaana padhta hai… pura din kaam rehta hai no time to seat… muje aisi kuch dual bataye ki meri ye pareshani dur ho..


Yaallah.in Thank you for your guidance.I attained many benefits from this website.For your good deeds May Allahuthaala Jallajalaaluhus blessings be showered upon you.Jazakkallah Khair.


Millions of Thanks to you Ale Imran Saheb for Dua e Shifa and your Heartfelt appeal & request to all people across globe who are members of this site to pray for Bilal. I am sure when by your efforts people pray and say AMEEN then Allah will surely listen to their prayers.


One of our brother commented for the wazifa on “Dua for Very Hard Times“:

“Allihamudulillah, that dua has helped me overcome a lot of difficulties in my life.”


“JAZAK ALLAH mene is site kafi search kia h boht bar boht acha kam kr rhe hn ALLAH apko ajar den”


By a brother Ibraheem who is now healed Alhamdulillah:

Salam/w. First of all I thank Almighty Allah for directing me to this site. I am 28 yrs old, all of a sudden I started expreiencing difficulty in breathing the 6th of november. I was so scared because I felt its a threath to life. So I went to doctor 13th of november nd I was diagnosed with hbp of 150 also some drugs were prescribe to me and that I should come back the 3rd day though I took d drugs but I experiece a little releif wic I tink is insignificant. So I started praying and Allah directing me 2 dis siteand I did has dey said with believe dat I am cured so dat day I went back to d doctor without taking the drugs dat mrning nd when I got there the doctor checked and find out my bp is normal 110/80.

Alhamdulilh. Jazakullah khaira

Insha ALLAH soon!! More such comments will be published here. So, don’t doubt and keep up your hard work and leave the rest on ALLAH Subhanahu Wata A’la.

yaallah.in muhar

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Thanks to all my people! for Liebster Award- Yaallah.in

“Liebester Awards”


I have been nominated by my lovely friend from this wordpress site: kushiywa.wordpress.com

Thank you so much dear! May ALLAH Azzawajal Bless you!

Answers to the Questions are:

1)What is your favorite book?
Ans. The only Perfect book written by Allah Azzawajal- “Holy Quran”

2)who is your favorite personality?
Ans. There are so many people who are my favorite and I love them too- the prominent among them are in chronological order:
Pak Panjtan

3)Name of your favorite writer.
Ans. hhhmmm……Can’t say, I am nasty reader.

4)What is the all time song that you wish to listen?
Ans. So many songs.

5)Your best friends????
Ans. My lappy.

6)What is your favorite color?
Ans. Yellow

7)What is your favorite country?
Ans. Obviously- Saudi Arabia and India as I born here.

8)What are the letters and words you like the most?
Ans. Letters- ‘I’ and ‘M’ and ‘N’. Words are ‘brotherhood’, ‘Unity’ and so many.

9)The thing,habit or person you hate very much?
Ans. Habit I hate- Drinking alchohol, person I hate- any stone hearted, Thing I hate- any na-pak

10)What is the meaning of your name?
Ans. Al I’mran means- The family of Imran. In His family there are Zakareya Alayhissalam, Yahya Alayhissalam, Maryam Alayhissalam and Isa Alayhissalam.

Thanks for this love and Support!

Rules are:

  • Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
  •  Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  •  Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  •  Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them

Questions to my nominations are::

1)How can you make this world come closer?
2)How can you change the world?
3)Who is a true friends according to you?.
4)What you think how we can re-unite India and Pak?
5)If you are Indian which Pakistani is your favorite and If you are Pakistani which Indian is your favorite?
6)What is your favorite pastime?
7)If you need peace what will you do?
8)What you like the most in any person?
9)What you love to listen and tell?
10)Why do you think you are named right? (Asking about your name)

yaallah.in muhar

If you didn’t find your wazaif or dua please do write to me, insha ALLAH I will provide you here.

yaALLAH Testimonials


mashallah there r no words to say abt ur site its mashallah is site per ane se mera confidence bht badgaya hai ki mere har prblms ka solutn milgaya hai is site ko dekhkar aisa lagta hai ki allah hamare saat hai meri sari prblms door hogai hai allah ke fazal se thnkq so much jazakallah”

yaALLAH Testimonials

Masha ALLAH, what a lovely comment. This is what I want, I am gonna fully satisfied now!!


“Asslam O alikum

app ki site buht achii hai may ny is may ik wazifa start kiya for skin. or buht zayda asar howa hai.”

Wazifa for Headache in English

Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem_yaALLAH.in

Special Wazifa for Headache in English, Urdu and Hindi As Well

Headache, which is a very common disease which almost everyone is effected every now and then. We have to compulsively swallow at least one headache tablet. This might have side effects too. Insha ALLAH, from now, onwards, you need to swallow any kind of tablet regarding your pain in head/headache. Even I will follow this wazifa whenever I will have headache. This is so simple and easy

In Urdu:

Wazifa for Headache_yaALLAH.in

In Urdu Transliterated in English:

  1. Sir me dard ke liye ap apne daaye hath ki ungliyo aur anguthe se apni kanptii ko pakad kijiye;
  2. Surah Fateha parhna shuru kijiye;
  3. Aur fir dhire-dhire peshani tak ungliyo aur anguthe ko le ayiye;
  4. Jab ungli aur anguthe ek dusre se milne lage to Surah Fateha ko ‘Walad Dwalleen’ par mukammal kijiye. Matlab apko ‘Walad Dwalleen’ par hi dono ko milana hai;
  5. Thik isi tareeke ko teen (۳) martaba kijiye;  Aur

Insha ALLAH sir ka dard bhag jayega.

Ghaur Talab: Ap ye wazifa ba wudu karenge to insha ALLAH bhot hi tez kam karega. Lekin bila wudu ke bhi kar sakte hai. Khwateen haiz ke dauran kar sakti hai surah fateha agar unhe yad hai to. Napaki me Quran-e-Pak kholna nahi hai.

In English:

This wazifa is for those who have pain in there head/headache. Generally, during their daily routine or while working.

How to Perform?

  1. Hold on your head from front side through thumb and fingers of your right hand;
  2. Then, start reciting Surah Fateha also known as Alhamdu Shareef;
  3. Then, move your finger and thumb in this way they both come towards each other on your forehead and touches each other, when they touch finish reciting the Surah Fateha at ‘Walad Dwalleen’. It means when fingers and thumb touches each other you have to finish Surah Fateha at the point ‘Walad Dwalleen';
  4. Repeat exactly the same process three (3) times; and
  5. Insha ALLAH the headache will be gone.

Note: If you perform this wazifa after making an ablution, insha ALLAH it will give you relief for sure. If you are not making an ablution, no problem, it will work insha ALLAH. Females can also perform this during their menses.

सिर के दर्द के इलाज के लिए मुजर्रब अमल हिन्दी में:

  1. सिर मे दर्द के लिए आप अपने दाएँ हाथ की उंगलियो और अंगूठे से अपनी कनपट्टी को पकड़ कीजिए;
  2. सुरह फातेहा परहना शुरू कीजिए;
  3. और फिर धीरे-धीरे पेशानी तक उंगलियो और अंगूठे को ले आइए;
  4. जब उंगली और अंगूठे एक दूसरे से मिलने लगे तो सुरह फातेहा को ‘वलद द्वाल्लीन’ पर मुकम्मल कीजिए| मतलब आपको ‘वलद द्वाल्लीन’ पर ही दोनो को मिलाना है;
  5. ठीक इसी तरीके को तीन (۳) मर्तबा कीजिए; और इंशा अल्लाह सिर का दर्द जाता रहेगा|

ग़ौरतलब: आप ये वज़ीफ़ा बा वुदू करेंगे तो इंशा अल्लाह बहुत ही तेज़ कम करेगा| लेकिन बिला वुदू के भी कर सकते है| ख्वातीन/महिलाए हैज़/माहवारी के दौरान कर सकती है| अगर उन्हे सुरह फातिहा उन्हे याद है तो| नापाकी मे क़ुरान-ए-पाक खोलना नही है|

yaALLAH Testimonials

Wow! that’s really wonderful comment by a lovely member of yaALLAH Community.

“Subhan Allah
It has been noticed by me that after following your posts
Namaz ki pabandi bhi horahi hai.”

“Subhan Allah.
Your posts are very helpful and ready reference for the people who wants to make their wishes achieved.
I have been following your posts on regular basis.
I appreciate that after using your posted wazifas people have becoming PAABAND Namaz.
Allah app ko aur aap ke is kaam ko aur kaamyaab banaye. Ameen”


“Jaza KALLAHU khairan alimranraza for the wazaif keep up good work may ALLAH SUBHANA WATA.ALA bless you and your family”

Wazifa for Urine Problems

Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem_yaALLAH.in

‘yaALLAH Dua for Urine Problems’

Best Wazifa for Urine Problems

If the Urine has been stopped or not in regular flow.

If anyone is effected with the disease of urine problems like his/her urine cannot be passed in one flow or entire cannot be passed. This may happen due to any reason like- kidney stone, or any other relevant disease. Insha ALLAH this wazifa will benefit you and helps in getting a cure from this disease.

In Urdu:

Agar peshab ruk gaya ho, ya ruk ruk kar ata ho ya fir thik se nahi ata ho chahe gurde ki pathri ki wajah se ho ya fir wo kisi bhi wajah se ho, ye Wazifa mufeed hai, insha ALLAH.

Wazifa Urine Problems_yaALLAH.in

In Urdu Transliterated in English:

Jin hadrat ko peshab band hogaya ho ya fir ke peshab sahi se na araha ho. Ruk ruk kar ata ho. Ye bimari chahe to gurde ki pathri ki wajah se ho ya koi aur marz ho. Ye Wazifa mufeed sabit hoga insha ALLAH. Aan Hadrat Muh’ammad Mustafa SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam ka ye qaul parhkar us mariz par jhaarhna chahiye, yani dum kar dena chahiye. Ap chahe to khud bhi kar sakte hai. Dua upar di gayi hai.

Esa rozana kijiye insha ALLAH bimari door hojayegi.

Ghaur Talab: Khwateen haiz ke 7 roz ke dauran na kijiye. Ye wazifa ba wudu kijiye. Aur tamam haram kamo se khud ko mehfooz rakhiye, dum karne wala ya bimar. 

In English:

If someone is effected with the disease of urine problems like he can’t urinate in regularly or one flow. Urine comes out in parts or urine is not passing and has been stopped entirely. This may happen due to any other disease like kidney stones or similar problems. Insha ALLAH you will get a cure from this. What For such diseases, Our beloved Prophet Mu’hammad  SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam stated a dua to be blown on the patient, or patient can himself do this.

English Transliteration of Dua:

Rabbuna-ALLAHU-alladee Fissamãã ee Wata-Qaddasa Smuka Amruka Fissamãã ee Wal-Ardee Kamã Ra’hmatuka Fissamãã ee Faj-‘al Rahmatãkã Fil Ardee Waghfirlanã ‘Hoobanã Wakhatãyãã Nabã Anta Rabbut-Tayyibeenã Fa Anzil Shifã An-Mmiz Shifã Ika Ware’hmatan-Mmin-Ra’hmatikãã ‘Alãã Hãza-L Waj-‘i Fayabrããh-u

Though, I took every minute care in transliterating the above dua, error might happen, as I am a human being, May ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala forgive me, Ameen

In Hindi:

जिन हज़रत को पेशाब बंद की परेशानी हो या फिर के पेशाब सही से ना आ रहा हो| या फिर. रुक-रुक कर आता हो|. ये बीमारी चाहे तो गुर्दे की पथरी की वजह से हो या कोई और मर्ज़ हो| ये वज़ीफ़ा मुफ़ीद साबित होगा इंशा अल्लाह| आनआँ हज़रत मुहम्मद मुस्तफ़ा सल्ल्लाहू आलयही वसल्लम का ये क़ौल है- एसे मरीज़ पर झाढ़ना चाहिए, यानी दम करना चाहिए| मरीज़ चाहे तो खुद भी कर सकते है| दुआ उपर दी गयी है|

यही रोज़ाना कीजिए इंशा अल्लाह बीमारी दूर हो जाएगी|
ग़ौरतलब: ख्वातीन हैज़/माहवारी के 7 रोज़ के दौरान ना कीजिए| ये वज़ीफ़ा बा वुदू कीजिए| और तमाम हराम कामो से खुद को महफूज़ रखिए| दम करने वाला या बीमार दोनो शख़्स ध्यान रखें|

Please do not ask about the genuineness and authencity of any wazifa here. As, yaALLAH.in takes every intensive care of this before publishing any dua/wazifa or any content here.

Wazifa to Increase Breast Milk

Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem_yaALLAH.in

Wazifa to Increase Mother’s Breast Milk

Mother’s milk is a primary and only source of new born baby’s growth. Mother’s milk is medicinal and antibiotics in composition. It makes baby’s immune system strong. It helps baby to fight with the disease. Even science has proved this, ALHAMDULILLAH. In some mother’s this milk has not found in sufficient quantity. Whereas, it is essential for baby’s growth. In these case, baby has to depend other sources. Which no doubt, can keeps it’s growth hindered and may result in deficiency of proteins, vitamins and other supplements which is absolutely required during this age.

I have searched and now providing a very powerful and lovely wazifa for such mothers. This will definitely insha ALLAH helps them to overcome this problem. This will help increase the milk of the mother who needs to feed her new born baby.

In Urdu:

dua to increase breast milk+yaALLAH.in

In Urdu Transliterated in English:

Agar kisi ko doodh ki ziyadti ki zarurat ho apne bachche ko pilane ke liye to Ba wudu is Ayat-e-Karima ko teen (3) martaba parh kar kisi bhi chiz par dum karke khila de. insha ALLAH behtareen faydah hoga. Ayat upar likhi hui hai arabi me. Ap is wazifa ko rozana bil nagah kar sakte hai jab tak apko faydah na ho. Maa chahe to khud bhi kar sakti hai.

Haiz ke 7 roz ke dauran bilkul na kijiye.

In English:

If you are a mother of a new born baby or who feeds her baby and have a deficiency of milk. This is the best and easy wazifa for you ALHAMDULILLAH. This will benefit you. What you have to do is Make a fresh ablution and recite this Ayat-e-Kareema three times (3) and blow on some eatables, a food or anything that a mother can eat. Offer this to the mother to eat. Repeat this process every day till you get favorable results. Even a mother can do this herself.

Note: Please do not perform this during menses for 7 days. 

वज़ीफ़ा हिन्दी में:

अगर किसी को दूध की ज़्यादती चाहिए और ज़रूरत हो अपने बच्चे को पिलाने के लिए तो एसे में बा वुदु इस आयत-ए-करीमा को तीन (3) मर्तबा पढ़कर किसी भी चीज़ पर दम करके खिला दे| इंशा अल्लाह बेहतरीन फायदः होगा| आयात उपर लिखी हुई है अरबी मे| आप इस वज़ीफ़ा को रोज़ाना बिला नागाह कीजिए सकते है जब तक आपको फायदः ना हो| माँ चाहे तो खुद भी कर सकती है|
हैज़ के 7 रोज़ के दौरान बिल्कुल ना कीजिए.

yaALLAH Testimonials

Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem_yaALLAH.in

Another outstanding comment by a lovely member of yaALLAH Community!

yaALLAH.in on Facebook-2


“Ale Imran brother,

You are really a true muslim.you always answer our questions.

You always guide us in true way.

Today your site is the no 1 wazaif website
Throw world wide.

Jazak Allahu khair”

The personal information of all the comments has been removed for safety and privacy measures. No doubt, yaALLAH take cares of all personal information of it’s members. All such information is safe here.


I am very glad to receive so many Wazifa through your website.
It is indeed very much helpful for all
Iman far Muslims.
We need the most help of almighty
For Muslims, there is only ALLAH, His
Roshul and your website YaAllah.


“Really good what your doing.may Allah reward you”



“Ma sha ALLAH outstanding alimranraza may ALLAHU SUBHANA WATA.ALA give you a long life grant all of your wishes”


“Assalamwalekum ap bhot acha kam kr rhe allah pak apko dher sari tarriki de nd apko is neak kam k lye bhot sara sawab .main apka bhot sari wajifa kr rhi hun nd usse muje bhot sare positive faith nd hopes mil rhe thanku my blessings are always wid u.meri y murad puri hojygi to main apki bhot bdi sukurguzar rhungi.allahhafiz”


“we r happy for ur help ful guidelines. thank u again”


“I like this web coz of its references by Quran pak. keep it up !”

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The personal information of all the visitors’/members’ comments has been removed for safety and privacy measures. No doubt, yaALLAH take cares of all personal information of it’s visitors/members. All such information is secure here.


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